The Rise Records Tour 2011 feat Memphis May Fire – REVIEW

The Rise Records tour 2011 came blazing to Mojoes in Joilet, Illinois. On the tour came Memphis May Fire, Decoder, Ten After Two, and That’s Outrageous. You can check out our review after the break.

The Rise Records Tour 2011 feat Memphis May Fire – REVIEW

The Rise Records tour 2011 came blazing to Mojoes in Joilet, Illinois. On the tour came Memphis May Fire, Decoder, Ten After Two, and That’s Outrageous. You can check out our review after the break.

The first band up on the tour was That’s Outrageous and they started with a boost of energy and sub drops. During the first song, there was tons of jumping and dancing involved; the chorus was more of a dance beat and it allowed everyone to have a good time. They used a lot of electronic/dance samples in their songs while blending in breakdowns. That being said, the crowd was able to dance to the beat, jump up and down, or go in the pit and hardcore dance. The band’s stage presence was constantly in sync and they were tight instrumentally. The band reminded me a lot of I See Stars and being at one of their shows. The ending of their set arrived and they announced they would be playing their last song. The song started off with an eerie sample that left the crowd in silence. Followed by a huge sub drop and the band began to play a very bouncy beat.

I didn’t know what to expect from the next bands to grace the stage as they loaded their scrims on stage. The band is called Ten After Two. They started off with a very heavy song and I found it hard not to bob my head to the music. From when they started to when they ended, I noticed very interesting and intricate lead guitar parts, which is something I enjoy seeing. The crowd seemed to love this band. They were very into the music and sang loud with the vocalist. People pushed through each other, hoping to grab the mic and yell a line of the song. They went from intense breakdowns to catchy uplifting choruses that were led by one of the guitarists’ clean vocals. He had great tone and amazing range and I feel like it definitely added a lot to each song. My head was kept constantly bobbing to the beat of each song. Ten After Two knows how to keep their fans interested by the evening out of intense breakdowns and catchy choruses that will leave you singing them in your head the rest of the night.

Next up, was Decoder. I had heard a lot about them prior to this show and knew a lot of people who love their music. They kicked their set off slow with dual guitar leads with delay on them. Even though the music was very slow and chill, they kept the energy high on stage. The singer hit notes not many people can hit and he sounded phenomenal. When the second vocalist came in with screams it reminded me of the last time I saw Underoath. This is when I really started to get into their set. During the second song titled “Believers” the crowd sang along to all of the clean vocals. Actually, the crowd sang so loud that they pretty much drowned him out! They are for sure one of those bands I would listen to when I am relaxing. The crowd continued to get involved with the band throughout the set; jumping, singing, and clapping along. They ended their set and thanked the crowd, making sure to remind them to stick around for the headlining band, Memphis May Fire.

Next, was the band that people have been waiting for ALL NIGHT! The band built hype by having a sample play before arriving on stage, followed by a hip-hop track. When the hip-hop track started, the band walked on stage and the crowd responded with great excitement.Memphis May Fire then followed up with a huge breakdown that was in your face, moving in sync with each other’s head banging. Later in the set they performed a song that they shot a music video for recently. In my opinion, they out performed every band that night with their stage performance. They were jumping, head banging, doing guitar-spins, talking to the crowd, and allowing the crowd to sing into the mic. I once again, couldn’t help but bounce my head with the music. The sub drops that the band used seemed like they actually shook the building.  Late into the set, the vocalist expressed that Illinois is one of their favorite places to come play. This is not the first time that I’ve heard that Illinois always have one of the best crowds. At the last breakdown of their last song, the guitarist jumped into the crowd and crowd-surfed for a good few seconds before being led back onto the stage. The whole venue proceeded to chant “one more song” after they had walked off stage. When asking if the crowd wanted to hear one more song, the crowd responded with nothing but ear piercing yells. The encore song was insanity at its finest. Kids were risking getting kicked out of the show by stage diving and crowd surfing.

Information about the review…
Tour: The Rise Records Tour 2011 feat Memphis May Fire
Band: Memphis May Fire (Rise Records), Decoder (Rise Records), Ten After Two (Rise Records) and That’s Outrageous (Rise Records)
Date: May 29, 2011
Venue: Mojoes in Joliet, IL