Chevonne – TOUR TIPS

This new set of Tour Tips was written by Chevonne from Season 3 of The Voice. You can check out her awesome set of tips after the break.

Chevonne – TOUR TIPS

This new set of Tour Tips was written by Chevonne from Season 3 of The Voice. You can check out her awesome set of tips after the break.

1.Try not to mix business with pleasure.

If you can avoid it, don’t flirt with your bandmates and DEFINITELY don’t cross the friend-zone if you’ve been doing some post-show not-so-sober celebrating.  Road life can get lonely, and everyone gets that itch for companionship, but it’s not a good idea…every morning’s a walk of shame that you can’t escape!  And then there’s that inevitable jealousy that creeps up when dreamy superfans show up and want to run their fingers through your former friend-with-benefit’s fauxhawk.  Before long, you’re shooting each other dirty looks, writing spiteful songs and screaming them in each other’s faces.  It may sound tragically hip and artfully torturous, but living out the “Don’t Speak” video will NOT be good for your tour.  Technology is your friend; why not look for a fling or a casual date for fun in the next city via a free dating site like OKCupid?  I’ve done it with pretty decent results in the past!

If you and a fellow band member are in a serious relationship, or if you’ve been dating since before the band got together, that’s different.  Try to maintain a healthy level of space and independence, and enjoy the music and art you’re creating together.  Regardless of what happens in the future, you’re creating rock romance history, so live it up!  And for Pete’s sake, help out your single bandmates; nothing’s more solid than a wingman tag-team!

2. Take your merch to the next level.

Design something people can sweat in!  Gray t-shirts are a magnet for pit stains, so keep that in mind.  Sizing is key too — believe it or not, in today’s fashion climate, both girls AND guys want shirts that fit pretty snug.  Your band name or logo emblazoned on wardrobe is supposed to boost your fans’ cool quotient, not make them look like seventh graders in gym class.  If you can, get a buddy who’s good at graphic design or cartooning to create something witty and out-of-the-box for your wearable goodies — if you’re an underground or up-and-coming act, your designs should make a larger statement about who you are, what you sound like, and your general vibe.  Oh…and I beg of you: PLEASE stay away from Comic Sans and Brushstroke, this ain’t 1994.

3. Be nice to the sound engineer.

Because when you don’t…well, the ish hits the fan.  That’s the person in charge of whether or not your show is a dud, regardless of your talents.  Crappy sound is a deal-breaker.  And many sound engineers I’ve met over the years look like they eat beer cans for breakfast and beat up grandmas.  Just smile, shake hands, ask relevant questions, cooperate and follow directions about turning up or down…and if the show’s a success, hand him/her some extra scratch and a beer on the house.  Karma, people!

4. You never know.

Trust me, this mantra is WAY more important than you think.  If you’re backstage talking smack about the latest dizzy pop tart to hit the Hot 100, you might be slamming her right in front of someone who did her makeup five years ago.  The skinny kid playing video games with the weird unintelligible shoegaze music?  One day you might be begging for an opener spot on HIS million-dollar-grossing tour.  Don’t ever spread gossip or throw shade in front of strangers…especially music biz strangers.  If you absolutely have to let off steam, do it in private with people from your own team that you trust.  One day, when you’re playing arenas and shilling your own brand of cologne, people will try to dredge up controversial tidbits from your past.  Make sure they have nothing to work with!

5. Flashback Bonus Tip!!!!! <<z-z-zip!>> 1985: “Hairspray and cigarette smoke are a deadly combination.”

Dude, first of all — smoking is so not radical.  It stinks up the van, it ruins your frontman’s ability to hit gnarly power notes, and the babes hate coming home smelling like cigarettes.  Plus, then their moms can tell that they snuck out past curfew.  Anyway, my friend Snake lost half his supermullet at our show in Peoria because he put on too much Aqua-Net and stood next to an old lady smoking Virginia Slims.  Such a bummer, man.  He looked like a half-shaved poodle.  I mean, it’s mega important to tease up your ‘do, but seriously dude…only you can prevent hair band fires.

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