In this Preshow Rituals segment, the alternative rock band, VIKINGO!, shares what they do to prepare for each show.


In this Preshow Rituals segment, the alternative rock band, VIKINGO!, shares what they do to prepare for each show. You can check out their rituals and stream their newest single, Set It On Fire, after the break.

I don’t really like eating right before playing shows, I’ve always had a phobia about playing and singing on a full stomach, thinking it will make me throw up on stage, which would be super gross. I like a couple drinks and that’s it.
Some bands will do a group hug or group prayer before shows, we just like to take preshow baths together, we sing cowboy songs while scrubbing each other clean, it seems to get our energy levels up and it makes us play tighter.
I’ve never really had any rituals per se. I’m pretty easy going. The only thing I do is rub my bass with some locally sourced organic farm-to-fretboard koala oil (with gluten, I’m allergic to gluten-free). I then apply the leftovers to the insides of my thighs (chafing during that ripping bass solo, which I have quite a few of, is the worst). I eat a plate of smalahove (Norwegian delicacy) and do a couple of shots of Vikingfjord (the most Norwegianest of Norwegian drinks, I mean just look at the name). I meditate for an hour or two and look at myself in the mirror going “You got this, you’re sexy and smart. And, the best bass player in this band” whilst kissing the guns, and posting it on Instagram. I think those pics are what got me my huge following. Like I said, I really don’t do anything too specific. It’s just those little things that get my blood circulating better. Oh yeah, and also, I just HAVE TO have Sejo do my hair. Anything else is bad luck. Sejo is really good with hair. Of course, he has a lot of it.
I believe you can’t have a successful rock ’n roll show without anger against the establishment. Therefore, before each show, I read one article from Huff Post, Washington Post, New York Times, Reuters, NPR, LA Times, Bloomberg, Fox News, and Breitbart to get that anger going. I believe a well-informed rock singer is a truly angry one. This anger, of course, drives me to drink alcohol, so I usually have 3 glasses of Jack-rocks throughout the show to take off the edge. I try to get a good night of sleep before a show and also not to talk too much leading up to it to save my voice.
Around two hours before the show, I like to eat exactly 3.16kg of ultra-rare steak mixed with sizzling hot bacon fat (gotta keep the arteries free, clear, and well lubed). After the preshow feast, it’s band bath time. Sejo usually starts the water and I add the bubbles. Andreas checks for temperature and Daniel is usually the first to jump in.
After getting in, we help scrub each other. The band that bathes together stays together!
After the band bath, I get dressed in my finest burlap undies, put on the show outies, have Sejo comb my hair and then we hit the stage!

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