The Sindicate – 3rd ROAD BLOG from the “Saving Sasquatch Tour 2013”

The Vancouver, WA based reggae rock band, The Sindicate, is currently on their “Saving Sasquatch Tour 2013” hitting many West Coast cities. While they’re on this tour, they will be doing an exclusive blog for us. You can check out…

The Sindicate – 3rd ROAD BLOG from the “Saving Sasquatch Tour 2013”

The Vancouver, WA based reggae rock band, The Sindicate, is currently on their “Saving Sasquatch Tour 2013” hitting many West Coast cities. While they’re on this tour, they will be doing an exclusive blog for us. You can check out their third and final entry, after the break.

“Hello friends it’s been a couple of days since my last correspondence, but let me tell you, they have been jam packed. After our show in beautiful San Luis Obispo at The Frog and Peach on Wednesday night, we headed down to Santa Maria. Spending the night in the back alley parking lot next to the hotel made famous in The Eagles song “Hotel California”, we awoke Friday and ventured to Up N Smoke smokeshop and resupplied on road necessities once more. We made it a must to make a stop to Bill’s Takeout, a burger joint highly recommended to us. Bill’s didn’t disappoint one bit, hooking it up fat with lunch for the entire crew! If you are ever find yourself in Santa Maria, you must treat your belly to a double bacon jalapeno burger with a chocolate shake to wash it down with. Being all full and well fed, we headed down to visit Ray Ray’s longtime friends Pete and Jason at Ink Headz, located off of Broadway in Santa Maria.
Pete and Jason took very good care of the group, sponsoring all six members tattoos and drawing up some custom lettering for our logo. Good Vibes all around. Pete threw down 4 tattoos, in 3 hours, definitely more than we couldve asked for. At our show later that night at Shooter’s BBQ, we had an opportunity to observe Pete present his engagement ring to his fiancee! We would like to congratulate them on something very huge in their life that they chose to share with us.
At Shooter’s, Ray got to join in on the tour fun, with his band Irony opening up the night! A great night of delicious family bbq, a diverse crowd of family and friends, new and old. We had a great day and night all around in Santa Maria, free food and blunt wraps, and tattoos to boot! Feeling the love down here for sure!
On Saturday, we made our stop to North Hollywood, playing with Natty Heights at Skinny’s Lounge. After playing an early show for a Saturday with the music ending at 9:30pm, the lounge turned into a popping dance club, packing out within the hour. We had a killer time busting dance moves and visiting with family that randomly showed up at the club. After consuming enough PBR and scotch to put down a giant octopus, we headed back to warm showers and comfy beds in Van Nuys, California, at Joshs aunt and uncle Linares abode. It definitely helps the tour life when you have family and friends who are able to assist in any way, from home cooked meals to soap and shampoo. Much love to the Linares family.
On Sunday, we ventured to Ventura, made our way down the packed streets, the pedestrians celebrating the Ventura County Fair, farmers daughters with cowboy boots. While taking in the sights of the town, we met our newest friend Malcolm. Malcolm, a navy doctor, just restationed from NC. With the conversation naturally changing to music rather quickly, he saw we were playing a show. After convincing us he wouldn’t embarrass us, we were intrigued to play on stage with him.
Billy-O’s was interestingly divey, with patrons struggling to keep balance on their barstools. With 24 ounce cans of PBR littered throughout the joint next to pizza boxes bigger than the tires on Lil Wayne’s Cadillac, this place was starting to look up! It was made all the better when we started “Longboard” and invited Malcolm up on stage. With TiedDowns light show vibing out the packed out dive bar Malcolm hesitantly begin destroying it, injecting years of finely tuned precision, sax loving into the ears of the crowd. After a few songs, Billy-O’s uproariously applauded to end of a fantastic night. We will definitely be sharing the stage with our Navy Doc friend when we roll through Ventura once more.
After a long week of overwhelming good vibes, we set out Monday to finish up California strong. Monday’s shenanigans began with an interview at Kaleidoscope Magazine in Anaheim California. With Dom out collaborating with other LA musicians, it was placed upon the supporting members of the band to handle business. One of the great things about not being regulated by the FCC is the fact you can pretty much say and do as you please on air. With bongs at our sides and beer in our hands, we had a fantastic time with very engaging MC and interviewer Jimmy Alvarez. Be on the lookout for the interview on our website and Facebook. It’s definitely worth a 20 minute listen.
After the interview, we shuffled our way down to Huntington Beach for our gig at Gallaghers. HB and the Originalites always treat us right when were in town. After our set we enjoyed our night with some Sailor Jerry’s  and dabs, and skanked the night away with our brothers from HBC.
After a 12 hour drive north, were in Arcata tonight playing with our newest friends Moksha, from Las Vegas at The Jambalaya Arcata. Then Friday, were back in Oregon with our friends Sol Seed at Cozmic Pizza, in Eugene. Saturday we will be making our homecoming, with a show at Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver at the Vancouver’s  Brewfest!
But on to tonight at the Jumbalaya! We shall rage! Sindicate out!!”

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