Tengger Cavalry Reveals Set List for Upcoming “Blood Sacrifice USA Tour” – TOUR SET LISTS

The Mongolian folk metal band, Tengger Cavalry, is about to head out on their upcoming “Blood Sacrifice USA Tour,” starting on May 15th in Philadelphia, PA. The tour will be hitting 14 major cities across the United States, including: Chicago, Denver, Seattle, San…

Tengger Cavalry Reveals Set List for Upcoming “Blood Sacrifice USA Tour” – TOUR SET LISTS

The Mongolian folk metal band, Tengger Cavalry, is about to head out on their upcoming “Blood Sacrifice USA Tour,” starting on May 15th in Philadelphia, PA. The tour will be hitting 14 major cities across the United States, including: Chicago, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, New York City and more. The band has an awesome set list they will be playing on this tour and they were gracious enough to break down that set list and share it with you! You can check out the set list and details about the tour, after the break.

Galloping To The Great Land
– Galloping To The Great Land is an older song and very thrashy. It’s easy for the opening. It’s fast and passionate and people usually know it. It sets the mood, even in new markets. It has some rock and roll in it which makes it a lot of fun to play. It really gives the band a certain attitude and establishes everything that is going to come. You don’t want to open up the show with a slower song like Golden Horde!

Golden Horde
-This is a slower song, it provides some contrast. People like the super heavy main riff and the way it kind of pushes you forward. It has a bit of a Middle Eastern sound, which makes it kind of exotic, even by Tengger Cavalry’s already weird standards. It’s a very powerful song sonically and it has a heavy driving groove that makes people want to mosh. The song itself is about the history of the Mongolian invasions into Russia, which obviously is of pretty significant cultural importance to all of us – so that’s a pretty cool side of it too.

War Horse
-It’s our first horse based song in the set! In Tengger Cavalry, we joke a lot about how many songs we have about horses. War Horse is also our new single, so of course we are going to play it every show. It’s one of the most popular songs in our fan base. With this tour, we are promoting a new EP, so it’s pretty important to feature one of the main tracks, y’know? It’s obviously about the Mongolian war horses who were trained for battle. They were really beautiful and fascinating creatures, the likes of which we probably will never see again. In the words of our drummer Josh, “It’s all about the horses!”

Hymn Of The Earth
-This is a very dancey song, it has an exotic flavor. In some ways, it kind of feels like what would happen if Clive Burr-era Iron Maiden wrote a Tengger Cavalry song. It has a bit more of a happy mood. While the song isn’t exactly poppy it definitely has a powerful upbeat vibe that gets people to pump their fists in the air and sometimes even sing along. It glorifies nature, not the bandleader obviously, but rather the most shamanic notions that drive a lot of the lyrics of this band. Robert has a really great intro in this song. It’s one of his key moments to shine in the set which is always pretty cool.

Mountain Side
-Mountain Side is the song featured in our first music video. Josh’s hair flies all around that music video, it’s pretty funny, it’s another joke in the band. The video was actually shot by our Morin Huur player Wuljimuren with the help of our friend Jonathan Arevalo. It’s also the newest song in the Tengger Cavalry catalog. We all had a part in writing it, as a matter of fact it’s our first song that we really wrote together with this lineup. Alex wrote the lyrics – they are about overcoming adversity and pushing through the tribulations of this world no matter what.

Blood Sacrifice Shaman
– This is the part of the set where we sacrifice someone! Or at least we wish we did. Alex says that “Maybe people should donate blood to us or something so that we could use it for ‘good purposes’.” We’ll give it to hospitals or the black market or something.” (Sic) As for the song itself, it’s a very ritualistic song, it’s slow so we can ease off a little bit. Sometimes Robert takes a nap! That being said, it’s a very heavy song that is certainly going to get you attention when it starts pounding forward. The lights tend to go down for this track so it gives us a bit of a pause in the set before we dive right back into the moshing madness that defines so much of the music.

Galloping Steeds
– This is another very thrashy song which slots in very well after the slower stuff in Blood Sacrifice Shaman. It has a folk part that shifts from minor to major. Everybody asks why it shifts to major when it should all be in minor. Robert always jokes that this is where the whiteboards come out. For better or for worse it’s kind of our music dork song. Nature has an awesome throat singing part on this song too with the overtone vocals. Matt, the bands manager always views this particular track as his highlight of the set.

Cavalry Of Thousands
-We really like this song because it’s so thrashy. It has a lot of riffs that feel like Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All which is awesome. It’s another really heavy song that gets the blood (And hopefully mosh pit) moving. It’s always nice to play one of the faster songs. It’s off of our Expedition record which is actually one of our best selling albums so every time we play it we tend to see people who know the song and want to sing along.

-This is Josh’s favorite song to play. A lot of people really like this song, it’s something of a contrast from our usual stuff. It’s funny because so many of our songs are about horses and this song is actually about the people who ride horses. If Judas Priest is allowed to have so many songs about bikers, then we should be able to have some songs about people who ride horses! Nature says, “If more people rode horses it would help boost America’s economy! It would destroy Trump because the whole oil industry would go down in flames!”

-This is one of our few non-horse based tracks. It’s a happier song. It’s about going far away to conquer foreign lands for the Khan, which was y’know, kind of the Mongols whole schtick. The song is about having the bravery to go somewhere far away to fight for your people and to bring back prizes for your homeland. There’s a lot of importance to having that kind of courage and loyalty even if these days it’s not a good idea to go out and kill entire cities worth of people just to make your mom proud. Although… you never know…

Summon The Warrior
-We’re actually still learning this one. It’s the most recent addition to our set and is going to be something of a tour feature. People really want to hear this song live. It went over really well at our release party which was exciting to see. We’ve seen bands on the internet learning to play it, even before the tab book came out, and that was super awesome. That was a key part of what made us decide to do it, but of course, now the pressure is on and we have to do it better than them. The warrior spirit in the song really brings up the mood as we head towards the end of our set which is exciting.

Tengger Cavalry
-Obviously, this song is named after our band, and we have to play our self-titled track, it’s like a law or something. Beyond that – it’s a good song for mosh pitting! We like to see people going crazy in the pit at our shows, especially in the tiny clubs where things get especially rowdy! Tengger is the Mongolian god of the sky, so Tengger Cavalry is like the cavalry from heaven, which is exactly what this song is about. It’s always a really good way to end our set on a high note and leave everybody wanting more and excited to come back next time!

If you’re interested in seeing them on this tour, all of their upcoming U.S. tour dates, are below:
5/15 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
5/16 – Huntington, WV @ V Club
5/17 – Indianapolis, IN @ 5th Quarter
5/18 – Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
5/20 – Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room
5/22 – Denver, CO @ 3 Kings
5/24 – Seattle, WA @ Highline
5/25 – Portland, OR @ Ash St. Saloon
5/26 – San Francisco, CA @ Elbo Room
5/27 – San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick
5/29 – Phoenix, AZ @ Pub Rock
5/31 – Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog
6/1 – New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
6/2 – Asheville, NC @ Mothlight
6/4 – New York, NY @ Webster Hall

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