Sun Brother – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the acoustic folk artist, Sun Brother, reveals who he’d want on his ultimate tour lineup.

Sun Brother

In this Dream Tour segment, the acoustic folk artist, Sun Brother, reveals who he’d want on his ultimate tour lineup. You can check out his lineup and stream his song, Words, after the break.

The dream tour… Where to begin?
First and foremost, our dream tour is one that begins and ends at the Ryman Auditorium. Being based in Nashville and having seen so many amazing performances there, I absolutely believe the Ryman is the best place to see live music. I want to be on that stage and press upon the creaky wood beneath my feet. Hear the cheers from the rowdy, downtown crowd. Feel the weight of all the past performances that have taken place there. It’s the first night of the tour, we’re nervous as hell, but the warmth of that room and the spirits of Nashville’s past guide us through.
The tour would then flow west to California. A huge reason being a touring musician is attractive to me is because of the travel. One of my biggest motivators is being able to see more of the world. I know this flips at some point for professional musicians and the travel becomes the hardest part. But seeing it through rose-colored glasses right now, I can’t wait to be more exposed to what is out there. I have never been to the west coast, only as far as Arizona. So having the tour take us to the Pacific Ocean would be a must. From there, traveling up to the mystic lands of Oregon and Washington would be amazing. The Northwest has always seemed so lovable to me. The vastness and beauty of it all is incomprehensible.
Next… Let’s talk rider sheet. A dream tour can’t exist without a proper rider sheet in place. Any band who doesn’t dream of the freebies provided to top-level acts needs to dream bigger. I am thinking about this at a very specific time so these answers could change at the drop of a hat. But right now what I want to see when we walk into the green room is warm buffalo chicken dip accompanied by chips that don’t break under the stress of a large serving size. A spread of sub sandwiches cut to bite size. And an assorted mix of delicious Dogfish beer from my native state of Delaware. I basically want every green room to look like a football game tailgate. Now, would this spread assist with our ability to play a great show? No way. But I’m hungry and I can’t help myself and this is all pretend so I’m eating until I can’t eat anymore.
Lineup: If I had my pick, I would stack the bill with the artists that inspired me the most growing up. Rocky Votolato would be the first up. There is no way I would be making the music I am today without listening to Rocky Votolato in my teen years. He influenced me more than anyone else to pick up an acoustic guitar. Another would be Portugal. The Man. I will forever be in debt to that band since the name Sun Brother was taken from a song title of theirs. Last to perform before we took the stage would be Vampire Weekend. They are another band that has shaped my music an enormous amount and would set up a great energy in the room. What all these bands represent are the bits of fabric that are woven into myself and, as an extension, Sun Brother. If I could pay them back in the form of a dope tour/concert, I would do it in a heartbeat. Sadly, I suspect that day may never come. But it sure is nice to dream about.

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