In this Tour Pranks segment, the post-hardcore band, Rarity, chats about pranks that have happened on tour.


In this Tour Pranks segment, the post-hardcore band, Rarity, chats about pranks that have happened on tour. You can check out the story, after the break.

Our funniest pranks always come in the shape of giant venue LCD screens/jumbotrons, though last summer we topped ourselves. We were playing Albany, NY with Belmont and Stickup Kid and wanted to highjack the screen during Stickup Kid’s set. Definitely something we’ve done before too, so now we were in competition with ourselves, desperate to think of the funniest use of a 25-foot monitor. It was a solid two hours of brainstorming before we really had it, but once we had it, we had it (I mean we really had it).
Our plan was simple: live stream Corbin at the merch table eating noodles through Stickup Kid’s entire set. You have to think of the variables though! Do we use a phone? Is the control board Apple? Will the sound guy think this is as funny as we do? Yes. Yes, he did. In fact, he liked it so much that he let us use his Macbook, facetime our Macbook, and even plugged us into the “good” wifi via ethernet! This didn’t even feel like a prank anymore, we were just so proud of how well this all came together. Belmont was in on it, the venue staff was in on it, everyone but Stickup Kid, really. Oh, and Corbin. He didn’t really know what was about to happen. He knew we just wanted him to stay at merch and enjoy his noodles.
I’ll attach some photo/video evidence of the results. It legitimately had us falling on the floor, and Stickup Kid couldn’t figure out why the crowd was laughing so hard. They never turned around. 25 minutes of Corbin singing along to every Stickup Kid song with noodles hanging out of his mouth. There was only one break in the bit: when Corbin ran up on stage to sing his feature part with the band. That made it 10 times funnier too. Suddenly the guy everyone was watching eat noodles was up on stage singing with the band!
Enjoy the media, and thanks so much for asking! It still kills me thinking about it. I’ve been grinning the whole time writing this!

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