A Breach Of Silence – 3rd ROAD BLOG from Drowning Pool’s “Unlucky 13 Anniversary Tour”

The metal band, A Breach Of Silence, is currently on the road supporting Drowning Pool’s “Unlucky 13 Anniversary Tour” with Like A Storm and Red Tide Rising. While they’re on this tour, they will be doing an exclusive blog for…

A Breach Of Silence – 3rd ROAD BLOG from Drowning Pool’s “Unlucky 13 Anniversary Tour”

The metal band, A Breach Of Silence, is currently on the road supporting Drowning Pool’s “Unlucky 13 Anniversary Tour” with Like A Storm and Red Tide Rising. While they’re on this tour, they will be doing an exclusive blog for us. You can check out the second entry, with pictures, after the break.

So we start off this part in Salt Lake City. We have to start by saying that we were back at a Mercedes dealership as our van engine light was back on. This was our 3rd trip to such a place. After roughly 5 hours our van was given a clear bill of health. At this point we are starting to get really frustrated with the van as it has been forcing us to do overnight drives to get to places early enough to get the van fixed so we can make the shows. Mission accomplished here. It was the first time we had experienced Chick-Fil-A. And thank you Salt Lake City for that memory. Australia you need to pick your game up. The show in Salt Lake City was great, solid crowd and cool venue. It seems every city we have been playing we have been gaining solid support and meeting some really awesome people. We are certainly the heaviest band on this tour but the crowds have been embracing us, which has been fantastic. Thank you America.

A Breach Of Silence - blog 3 - photo 1

From Salt Lake City we headed to the place we were all most excited about seeing. Las Vegas. We did the overnight run again and had our first experience of a casino truck stop. Again Australia pick up your game. A truck stop with a casino, haha. I was tempted to gamble our fuel money but figured if I lost it I would be walking the rest of the tour with the trailer with all our gear tied to my waste. I left it. We arrived in Las Vegas in early afternoon and decided to do a few touristy things to begin with. After a few photos and checking out the “Word famous silver and gold Pawn shop” we headed down to the strip to check the casinos out. Very cool place. We loaded into the venue and played the show. The show was probably the most disappointing on the entire tour so far. Mainly because the crowd was the smallest on tour thus far. However we had a blast. Then straight from Las Vegas we headed to Sacramento in California. A nice 11 hour drive. Again overnight. Unfortunately the van engine light came on, again. We made it to the show, and decided to worry about the van the following day. The show was fantastic. Venue was cool and the crowd was the most interactive we had seen yet. They were so awesome that we had the most hectic circle pit on the tour. Dudes got knocked out. Don’t worry he was pulled out and looked after. It was intense but Sacramento embraced us like we had played there 20 times before. From there we stayed the night and headed straight to a Mercedes dealership. This time we were there from 9 am to 7pm. A long day. And our first day off in a week. I cant tell you how bummed this made us feel. A day off for the first time in 6 days and we spent it at a Mercedes dealership. We were getting really tired and frustrated at this stage.

A Breach Of Silence - blog 3 - photo 2

The guys there at Sacramento were awesome though. We got free hats, some group photos and had the whole dealership watching our film clips at one stage secretly. It was really cool. So thank you guys for making our awful day just a bit better by being rad and kind. We are sorry for eating and drinking all the free stuff you had in the lounge! we are poor and we love free stuff. The van company wasn’t helping us out much though. But we will get to them later, if not in this part of the tour blog maybe the next because we will know the outcome with their van after Seattle. But at this stage we are ready to throwdown, we may even give every reader a lesson in how to conduct business and be an awesome business even when everything goes wrong. Cause everything did go wrong with our van and there could have been so much more done for us from the van company that was not done. Man we even understand things go wrong. This stuff happens to every band on every tour. If you have been on a 6 week tour with no dramas well I will get Rhys to do what ever you want to him. IF you exist you are a unicorn, or an extreme liar, haha. Anyway even if we had to change companies because of the van dramas (which is most likely the outcome) and they helped in every way possible then man….. we would still recommended them as they did everything they could for us. HOWEVER AT this stage ….. that is not the case. Anyway, lessons learnt life goes on. The shows must go on. And by showing a bit of tenacity and determination we have made the every show. We will not miss a show. Which leads me to our next show.

A Breach Of Silence - blog 3 - photo 3

From Sacramento we drove straight onto Reno and gambled our woes away. Every one lost money except for Cossie who walked out $50 dollars richer on the pokies. After our overnight stay in Reno we headed to Boise Idaho….. Oh how that drive hurt in so many ways. Everyone got sick…. Cossie had a bad chest infection and was in the fetal position all day. The rest of us were coughy, snotty and tired. The positives were that the venue here would have to be our favourite on the entire tour so far (Knitting Factory). The crowd for a Tuesday night as well would have had to been one of the biggest crowd we have played to on this tour. So with being extremely sick we got up ripped a bad ass set. BAD ASS is a term we are hearing when people come meet us. So we thank you USA for defining us as BAD ASS we love it. Poor Cossie was dying on the stage from coughing. But he lived. We all ripped up and had the crowd fired up! It was a fantastic night. Boise was also the coldest night we have experienced on the tour. And to our dismay the engine light had reappeared on our van! The next show is in Seattle, Washington so stay tuned in to what happens with our van dramas, life on the road and our amazing experience in the beautiful country called America. We are truly blessed to be here and we are loving every moment!

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Oct. 23 – Destin, FL @ Club LA
Oct. 24 – Jacksonville, FL @ Jack Rabbits
Oct. 25 – Mobile, AL @ Soul Kitchen
Oct. 26 – Cape Coral, FL @ Dixie Roadhouse
Oct. 28 – Fredericksburg, VA @ Hard Times
Oct. 29 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Shakas
Oct. 30 – Lynchburg, VA @ Phase 2
Oct. 31 – Fostoria, OH @ The New Nest
Nov. 1 – Macomb, IL @ The Outskirts
Nov. 2 – Sioux Falls, SD @ The District
Nov. 4 – Colorado Springs, CO @ The Black Sheep
Nov. 5 – Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
Nov. 6 – Grand Junction, CO @ Mesa Theatre
Nov. 7 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Murray Theatre
Nov. 8 – Las Vegas, NV @ LVCS
Nov. 13 – Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
Nov. 14 – Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory Concert House
Nov. 15 – Missoula, MT @ Stage 112
Nov. 16 – Billings, MT @ Babcock Theatre
Nov. 18 – Watertown, SD @ Original Bar and Night Club
Nov. 19 – Spring Lake Park, MN @ POV’s
Nov. 21 – Racine, WI @ Rt. 20
Nov. 22 – Ringle, WA @ Q and E Expo Center
Nov. 23 – Joliet, IL @ Mojoes
Nov. 26 – Joplin, MO @ Rock 3405