Join us as ZUKØ shares their dream tour lineup picks.


In this Dream Tour segment, the hardcore punk band, ZUKØ, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks below:

Our dream tour would have to be with Knocked Loose, Thy Art Is Murder and Kublai Khan. We have a strong influence/connection with these bands and they mean a lot to us in terms of inspiration and influence.

Kublai Khan and Knocked Loose have transcended the hardcore genre and are now in a league of their own, and it’s been such a journey watching them grow from small bands like us to international superstars. They’ve shown that a small band from a small town can do great things.

Thy Art Is Murder have a special place in our heart as we’ve recently become great friends with their guitarist (Sean Delander) as he runs a studio in Brisbane where we recorded our 2 most recent tracks, and have been working on new material lately with him there as well.

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