Join us as Yuna Kil reveals the first concert that she attended.


In this First Concert Ever segment, the alternative metal artist, Sever Red, talks about the story of her first experience with live music. You can check out the story below:

I got to see Paramore in their prime time as my first ever concert, just after they released ’Brand New Eyes’.

As a newly become teenager, I was like the biggest Paramore fan ever. I knew every single word to all songs, was deadly in love with the guitarist Josh, and dyed my hair red in a desperate attempt to look like Hayley Williams. I also slept in Paramore bedsheets, in a Paramore pyjamas. My love for them was to say the least: intense.

When I saw they were headlining a one-day festival in Sweden, I made it very clear to my parents they had no other option than letting me go. So they actually bought me and my friend tickets, and I think I’d never loved them more.

So the day arrived and me, my friend and her aunt (that our parents insisted coming with us to make sure we didn’t die) made our way to the area as soon as it opened. We went straight to the stage, and claimed the front row. After waiting for at least 8 good hours, having endured various acts that didn’t interest us the least, the time was finally come.

I remember very clearly when Hayley entered the stage, and how the crowd went wild. But as soon as they started playing, I don’t think I could hear anything over my own screaming and singing. I remember Misery Business being the final song, and how Hayley welcomed a random girl from the crowd up on stage to sing with her. Sadly, it made me SO jealous that cried myself to sleep that night.

To this day, Hayley’s stage presence and live performances are a huge inspiration to me. If I ever deliver a live show with that amount of energy and competence, I can die happy. And I just realized that I do dye my hair red now again, so I guess I just low key still want to be like her.

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