Join us as XO Armor tells you about their dream tour lineup.


In this Dream Tour segment, the trap metalcore band, XO Armor, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks below:

1. Death Tour
Death Tour is an incredibly fun band from LA who combine a lot of genres, mostly trap, metal and hardcore punk I'd say. They also did a super rad feature on our song "Carno". I didn't have the chance to see them live yet but from the footage I've seen they bring the most energetic show you could wish for, so they'd probably shake up the crowd immediately. The ice between the crowd and the artists is broken and everyone's warmed up and ready to keep moving after that.

2. OG Keemo
Keemo is the coolest rapper Germany has to offer right now, maybe even ever. He's got the sickest trap bangers but is also very lyrical without sounding preachy or too technical. The project is kind of a duo consisting of OG Keemo himself and his producer Funkvater Frank and they deliver one hell of a show; got to see them live at a festival a couple years back and people went crazy. I think Keemo is one of those rappers who resonate with alt culture quite well in general (like Denzel Curry, Tyler, the Creator or Casper), but would be cool to introduce more people to that kind of music too.

3. XO Armor
Next up is us - we're playing our new album "Nublar" (out June 30th) in full, Death Tour come out to do their feature on "Carno", I talk Ghostemane into doing one of the rap parts of the album's opener "Dilopho", I talk Oli Sykes into singing the album's closer "Isla [Nublar]" with me - everyone's happy, whole lotta hugs on stage, crowd going crazy and it's the best day of my life hahah!

4. Ghostemane
One of THE inspirations for our upcoming album. He's one of those artists who just feel super special in everything they do and I love the way he combines all kinds of genres and has like 100 different voices (his vocal deliverance in general is absolute insanity). Lot of heavy bangers (Vagabond, Lazaretto, Flesh), lot of party bangers (1000 Rounds, Blood Oceans, Hack Slash) - let's fuckin go.

5. Bring Me The Horizon
My favourite band ever since I was a 14 year old emo brat and my biggest inspiration in music, aesthetics, fashion, you name it. They're always the trendsetters for the alternative music scene and I've loved (and love) every record they ever released. Say what you want about their new material but the fact that they have remained the most relevant band in the scene ever since Count Your Blessings dropped in 2006 speaks for itself in my opinion. The way they always transform and reinvent themselves and never deliver what you would  expect make them the most interesting artists in the world to me (Can you tell that I'm very emotionally attached to BMTH hahah?) Toruing with them would be the biggest dream come true in the world to me. I've actually seen them play yesterday and they absolutely smashed it. And obviously I'd talk my way into doing a feature on stage with them, would be hard to sing while sobbing uncontrollably though hahah!

Bonus: My perfect BMTH setlist, just because I feel like it hahah:
1: Dear Diary,
2: Teardrops
3: sugar honey ice & tea
4: Heavy Metal (with Rahzel)
5: Nihilist Blues
6: Itch for the Cure/Kingslayer (with Babymetal)
7: Shadow Moses
8: Chelsea Smile
9: (I Used to Make Out with) Medusa
10: And the Snakes Start to Sing
11: Crucify Me ( with Lights)
12: The Sadness Will Never End (With Sam Carter from Architects)
13: DiE4u
14: Strangers
15: Drown
16: Obey (With Yungblud)
17: Pray for Plagues
18: Doomed

19: Diamonds Aren't Forever

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