World Gone Cold - TOUR PRANKS

Join us as World Gone Cold shares a prank story from the road.

World Gone Cold - TOUR PRANKS

In this Tour Pranks segment, Traa Daniels (of World Gone Cold and P.O.D.) chats about a prank story from being on tour. You can check out the story below:

As many may not know, it is common to do end of tour pranks between the bands that are on tour together. For example: changing out our drinking water for vodka, putting hot sauce on microphones, hiring male strippers to do dances on stage during your shows and the list goes on…all of witch has happened to us or we have witnessed.

So we wanted to do something that had never been done, we had heard of a band that hid a dead fish in someone’s camper that took them days to find. Sucks, right? So we thought that it would be great idea to go to the pet store and get 20 baby crickets. The plan was hatched and we sent one of our techs to retrieve the little guys. After the night was over, we headlined the show and it sucked being last since we got pranked pretty good.

We are all saying our goodbyes and we get all of the bands to come to our bus for a last minute picture before we take off. Meanwhile, we sent our crew member to plant the prank in the back lounge, not dumping them all out, but just leaving the bag open so they come out gradually over time. He came back with the thumbs up and we parted ways.

We didn’t hear anything for days and we final learned that the band had to change buses because the crickets kept them up all night for days! The bus company was pissed and had to ground the bus to fumigate. We didn’t say a word about it until years later and we all had a good laugh. From what I hear it was unbearable…and that is my tour prank story.

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