With Locusts And Liars - FIRST CONCERT EVER

Join us as With Locusts And Liars tells you the stories of their first concerts.

With Locusts And Liars - FIRST CONCERT EVER

In this First Concert Ever segment, the metalcore band, With Locusts And Liars, talks about the story of their first experiences with live music. You can check out the story below:

My first show experience was actually due to having an older sister. Her being 5 years my senior, we went to a radio event called Jingle Ball back in 2004, acts were like maroon 5, black eyed peas, and headliner Alicia keys. Didn’t know any of the acts at the time but being introduced to live music and hearing music through actual speakers definitely opened my eyes to a life beyond school and set the paths for what I do now.

My first concert that could be considered a credible show was warped 2008. I was 12 and only knew MAYBE 4 bands playing. But I learned about so many artists that day and it set a precedent that I would go every year till it ended. Other than that if you’re talking first concert EVER it was Aaron Carter when I was like 6.

My first concert was a festival called the 93 Rock End of Summer Slam back in 2006 (93 Rock was the local rock station at the time). Nonpoint was the headliner and my dad and I really loved their song “Bullet With a Name” so he bought us tickets to the show. A couple other bands I was introduced to at the show were Eighteen Visions and Bullet For My Valentine. This was also my first exposure to a mosh pit, which at the time, looked intimidating but they were just push pits lol It was a sick first concert experience that definitely influenced me to want to pick up a guitar and later on start a band.

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