Join us as Will Evans shares one of his stories from being on the road.

(photo credit: Gal Sharony)

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the indie folk artist, Will Evans, shares one of his stories from being on the road. You can check out the story below:

Early November 2011, my band Barefoot Truth had just begun the first leg of our East Coast and Midwest tour. We played an epic show in Philly at World Cafe Live and were about to hit the road for DC.  I had been training for several months and began the morning with a 5-mile run and a good breakfast before taking the wheel of our 15-passenger van. On the drive south, my stomach began aching. Nothing too intense at first but by show time 8 hours later I was not well. Somehow I survived the gig, dragged myself off stage and the band agreed I should get my own room that night.  I spent the whole night in agony taking showers every hour to pass the time and give some comfort. By morning my bandmate Jay came to check on me and after some googling, we decided I needed emergency care. At the hospital, My appendix nearly burst,  as the student nurse in training kept missing my vien trying to get my IV in. I vaguely remember one of my band members yelling at the head Nurse  "this isn't a good time to train someone, get him that IV and into surgery now!" Next thing I remember I was in a different room with all my bandmates around welcoming me back. There were a number of videos being recorded and laugh's all around until I felt dizzy and fainted. When I woke again a new Nurse had cleared the room and was monitoring my vitals.  She stayed with me as I recovered and was genuinely the nicest person I'd ever met. After I'd made it home I sent her some music as a thank you and she's been coming to see me perform with her family for over 10 years now.  The road scare kind of took the wind out of our band's sails. It freaked out a group of homebodies already not sure about this touring lifestyle, and within the next year, we decided to hang up our touring days. On the other hand, I started a solo music career after this incident.  Four albums later... I have been touring the World ever since.  Motivation comes in funny ways.

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