Join us as WildAsh tells you their dream tour lineup picks.


In this Dream Tour segment, the hard rock band, WildAsh, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks below:

We've definitely contemplated this dream scenario countless times, and our dream tour lineup would undoubtedly feature Linkin Park, Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, and Parkway Drive. Let me break down why this combination would make for an absolutely epic experience.

First off, Linkin Park. They are legendary trailblazers who have redefined alternative rock. Their unique fusion of genres, seamlessly blending rap, nu-metal, and alternative rock, has made a lasting impact on the music industry. Their emotionally charged vocals, masterful songwriting, and electrifying performances have inspired us from the very beginning. Sharing the stage with Linkin Park would be a monumental honor, as they have influenced not only our band but an entire generation of musicians.

Now, let's talk about Architects. This British metalcore powerhouse has consistently pushed the boundaries of their genre. With their intricate musicianship, crushing heaviness, and captivating melodies, they create an intense and immersive sonic experience. Architects tackle important social and environmental issues through their poignant lyrics, which adds an extra layer of depth to their music. Their resilience and determination in the face of adversity are truly inspiring, and touring with them would be a chance to learn from their artistic brilliance and share their powerful message.

Next up, Bring Me The Horizon. This band has undergone a remarkable evolution throughout their career, seamlessly transitioning from metalcore to a more alternative and experimental sound. Their ability to reinvent themselves and push boundaries is truly admirable. Bring Me The Horizon's infectious hooks, powerful choruses, and emotionally charged performances have made them a force to be reckoned with. Their ability to connect with a wide range of listeners, from metal enthusiasts to mainstream music lovers, would bring an exciting dynamic to our dream tour.

Last but certainly not least, Parkway Drive, who have established themselves as one of the leading bands in the metalcore genre. Their high-energy performances, bone-crushing breakdowns, and infectious melodies create an electrifying atmosphere that ignites crowds wherever they go. Parkway Drive's intense stage presence and their ability to captivate audiences make them an obvious choice for our dream tour lineup. Sharing the stage with them would be an exhilarating experience for both us and the fans.

To sum it up, our ultimate dream tour lineup would feature Linkin Park, Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, and Parkway Drive. These bands have not only shaped our musical journey but have also made an immense impact on the rock and metal scenes. The combination of Linkin Park's genre-defying sound, Architects' thought-provoking and intense melodies, Bring Me The Horizon's captivating and experimental approach, and Parkway Drive's raw energy and crushing heaviness would create an unparalleled experience for fans, showcasing the diversity and power of modern rock music.

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