In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the indie rock/electronic band, WHSTLE, shares a few of their wild stories from being on the road.


In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the indie rock/electronic band, WHSTLE, shares a few of their wild stories from being on the road. You can check out their stories and stream their newest single, Bad Decisions, after the break.

1. Jake getting hit in the face
While we were touring through Colorado, we had played an early show and after we were starving so we started looking around for somewhere to eat. We were down near Pueblo, Colorado and we stumbled into this dive bar. It was dark and looked a little rough but not too bad, so we go and find a table and sit down, Jake gets up to find menus when some local guy stops him. Judging by his breathe the guy was wasted, he got up in Jake’s face and was yelling, “How old are you?!” Jake was repeatedly telling him, but the guy was getting more and more agitated and put his hands on Jake’s shoulders when Jake pushed them off to leave, the guy smacked Jake right in the face… We never found the body… Just kidding, Jake yelled at the guy and we all left. There was a restaurant right next door, the restaurant we were actually trying to find in the first place, walking into the bar was an accident. Anyway, we went in to order when the guy who hit Jake storms in and announces that he was sorry and that he would pay for Jake’s meal. Then he shook Jake’s hand and left… it was bizarre.
2. Band tattoos
It was our first time at SXSW and it was a freakin zoo, people everywhere. With no expectations, we didn’t realize we would be amongst 2500 musicians at this festival. So we decided to embrace the madness and jumped in feet first. We had three shows that week so we found the three venues and then proceeded to get a drink… when Saydi jokingly said, “Hey do you guys wanna get drunk and get matching tattoos?”. Dammit everyone said yes. It was late and we were wandering around downtown Austin watching bands play, meeting new people until we finally reached that perfect point between sobriety and oblivion. While teetering on that blurry cliff, we found a tattoo shop on the second floor of a nightclub. We then proceeded to discuss what if’s and taboos about getting tattoos on a tour. It was probably a bad idea but our minds were set. After much debate between a stick figure tumbleweed.. (yikes) and a Roman numeral three… minutes later we were all getting tats on our ankles and we haven’t regretted it since.
PS: four of us have this tattoo (secret mystery band member omg)
3. Driving to Cheyenne Mountain
Jake used to watch this show called Stargate SG-1 while growing up and it, along with a ton of other Sci-Fi movies took place in Cheyenne Mountain. In real life, it’s where NORAD is located so naturally, it’s under heavy security. Needless to say, while we were touring across Colorado this was on Jake’s list of places to try and visit. So one day we had a little extra time to screw around ad we started to drive up the mountain towards the military base. There were signs posted with things like, “Official Government Personal Only” and “No Civilian Traffic” naturally we ignored these and kept driving. We then noticed several of the same cars driving down the mountain past us and flipping around and following us up. We saw a checkpoint up ahead with armed guards and got freaked out so we turned the hell around. Jake’s complaining was drowned out by the nervous energy of our retreat. We were followed all the way out but luckily weren’t stopped. I guess the giant trailer hitched on the back didn’t make us look very official.

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