When The Sun Sets – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop punk band, When The Sun Sets, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup.

When The Sun Sets

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop punk band, When The Sun Sets, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

We could spend all day building out crazy lineups of bands we have all idolized and drawn inspiration from for our Dream Tour, but to narrow it down to our ultimate Dream Tour we would have the unrealistically long mega lineup of New Found Glory, A Day to Remember, Alexisonfire, Boys Like Girls, and Parkway Drive. The bands we chose all mean something to each of us for different reasons, and they shape our music each and every day.
Rob (Bass):
I chose New Found Glory because their on-stage energy and crowd participation would push me to put on my best live show every night. You can tell when a band gives it everything they’ve got, and New Found Glory brings that every time. They always get the crowd involved and their music brings people together. Everyone leaves feeling like part of the New Found Glory family, and that’s what I want to build with When The Sun Sets.
Zack (Vocals):
A Day To Remember has always been on my dream lineup because they are such a staple in the pop-punk community. As creatives, they have always done whatever they wanted no matter how heavy or soft the idea is. They’ve got songs for everyone, and that’s what really stood out to me. From acoustic ballads to pop-punk hits, and even crossing over into the metalcore giving them one of the most diverse crowds in the scene. Touring with them would mean sharing a stage with a multi-genre giant that I’ve looked up to since I was a kid would be a dream come true, to say the least.
Taven (Rhythm Guitar):
I have to go with Boys Like Girls. I grew up listening to them and saw them back in 2008. Their songwriting and catchy hooks are what took them to the top so fast, and experiencing that live every night would be a daze. Going out and touring with them would give us an opportunity unlike any other in regards to our own fan base, and following. We’ve got the pop side as well, and people seem to enjoy that.
Jim (Drums):
For me, it has to be Alexisonfire. I’ve got such a sentimental connection to that band and their music so getting to tour with them would be unreal. Everything about their live performance demands the attention of the crowd and audience members are always going wild for them. The connection that they have with their audience is unlike any I’ve seen, and touring with them would feel like a dream the entire time.
Matt (Lead Guitar):
Parkway Drive is the band I chose for our dream lineup because they inspired me to get into modern music. The contemporary ideas and music from them have shaped me as a songwriter and a musician over the years. Sharing a stage with them would be a dream for me because of the geniuses behind the writing. Getting to hang out every night and pick each other’s brains on writing would be not only an unreal experience, but it would give us so much knowledge on bettering ourselves as a team since they’ve got it down to a science.

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