Join us as VV Brown reveals a crazy story from being on tour.


In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative artist, VV Brown, shares one of her stories from being on the road. You can check out the story below:

A Surprising Twist: The Tour with Maroon 5

As I embarked on the exhilarating journey of supporting Maroon 5, touring across the states, I found myself relishing each moment on stage. The thrill of performing before diverse audiences fueled my passion, and I reveled in the euphoria of live music. However, a comical incident during our tour would leave an unforgettable mark on me. I was traumatized and fuelled with laughter all at the same time.

One particular afternoon, as our tour bus rolled into a bustling university campus we were not ready for what was going to happen. As we took the stage to sound check on the stage of the vibrant college campus, a palpable energy enveloped the air, emanating from the exuberant American students who had gathered to witness our performance.

As a British musician, I couldn't help but be swept away, feeling like a character in a romantic comedy or an "American Pie" movie. The lively spirit of the students was infectious.

As the afternoon progressed, I embraced the exhilarating sensation of being a foreign performer in this thrilling American setting. This American college campus had become a backdrop for a chapter in my life. But this time it was a little bit different.

After our soundcheck and a mighty lunch it was time to chill and have a bit of downtime on the bus. As I was laying on my bed bunk I could hear cheering and shouting from outside. The crowds were getting louder and I felt like I was Micheal Jackson. Was I becoming famous? Was this the moment? A large crowd had gathered behind the bus and they were pushing the bus backwards and forwards. The sound of their voices were going up and down like a wave.

But, as I would soon discover, reality had a humorous twist in store. With my heart soaring with imagined adulation, I ventured to the back of the bus, eager to catch a glimpse of my "fans."

To my surprise, I found our bass player engrossed in a rather unconventional form of entertainment—playing explicit adult content on a small screen with all the back windows open. My initial elation turned into a mixture of disbelief and amusement as I realized that the enthusiastic crowd had gathered not for my music, but rather, captivated by the unexpected spectacle within the bus.

As the humorous spectacle continued, I couldn't help but reflect on the peculiar dynamics at play. The unexpected gathering of people from various backgrounds and walks of life, united by shared laughter, highlighted the power of humor in breaking down barriers and transcending differences but all because of erotic content. There was a crowd of bloody 200!

In this unanticipated moment, we were not just musicians on tour but members of a spontaneous, unscripted comedy show that showcased the universal language of laughter.

Even as we indulged in laughter and exchanged jokes about the incident, I recognized the value of remaining grounded as an artist. The true essence of music lies not just in the applause of adoring fans but in the ability to connect with audiences on a deeper, emotional level. It is the shared experience of joy, laughter, and sometimes even vulnerability that forges lasting connections and fosters a profound impact.

There were many other incidents that followed on tour that were funny but nothing like this.

To be honest we had to fire him in the end because we realized it was actually a sex addiction and what was firstly something that seemed funny was something that ended up being really creepy as the only woman on a tour bus surrounded by all males.

What starts off funny can often not be as funny and the idea of “what goes on tour stays on tour” was something I did not want to be a part of anymore as this dude took the back room to a whole other level..... I will let you use your imagination.

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