Join us as Vice Versa shares one of their crazy stories from touring.


In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the nu-metalcore band, Vice Versa, shares one of their stories from being on the road. You can check out the story below:

Alright, so this was a few years back. We were booked for a show on a short weekend tour stretch across a few cities in the west. We were set for a date in Reno, NV during a tour with a band called Brace For Mavericks. I remember we showed up at this venue sort of on the outskirts of the downtown area. When we went in, we weren’t even sure if we were supposed to be there.. No one seemed to know why we were there either. Basically, all the people hanging around inside the venue were much older folks playing video poker and smokin’ cigarettes inside this barely occupied bar with a tiny little stage in a corner. We were all confused and just tried to find a person to contact there.

Turns out, the local that was supposed to play with us had canceled and no one was aware. The venue itself, we quickly discovered, had no sound system at all so we were sort of out in the dark in this venue that didn’t even seem like a venue at all. So the guys from Brace For Mavericks were making a bunch of calls around to see what the hell was going on and whether or not this whole situation was even on the venue’s books.

So eventually, we were able to track down the promoter there who broke the news that it would just be us without any locals, which was not the original deal, but after making a bunch of calls around he was able to get an on-call band to show up. That’s when it got wild. That band showed up some time later and ended up playing this crazy and chaotic set where they were destroying their instruments on stage and their vocalist would literally be up there beating his own head in with the mic. The vocalist straight up front flipped on the drummer’s kick and slammed on the floor on his back. The drummer threw his floor tom out into the crowd at one point and hit a fan of ours in the forehead, it was nuts. He ended up having a pretty decent sized slice on his head from that. They left afterward and didn’t even leave the show with any of their equipment because they destroyed it all on stage. It was madness.. kinda badass at the same time though not gonna lie. Either way, thankfully no one was seriously injured and the guy who got his head hit was more stoked off the insanity than anything. That band left us all like wtf just happened.

Afterward, we met some pretty lovely people at the show and had a grand ol’ time with them at the casinos, shaking off a wild, kinda weird and unexpected experience for us. It set the tone for what ended up being an overall fantastic little stretch. Reno forever has our hearts and we can't wait to go back someday, hopefully with a little less head slicing.

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