In this Dream Tour segment, the indie pop band, VALLEY, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup.


In this Dream Tour segment, the indie pop band, VALLEY, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

What’s up, everyone!! This is Rob from the band Valley. This segment is all about our dream tour lineup, which let’s get real here…we’ve daydreamed about shows and scribbled fake tour posters in our school textbooks since we were kids!
I actually just finished watching the new Coldplay doc & it really made me cry of happiness. Yellow, The Scientist, Warning Sign (just to name a few) are some of the first songs I discovered as a kid on my own-scrolling through YouTube and music blogs until 3am. They’ve had an insane impact on my life both personally and musically. My parents are immigrants from Poland & they speak English as a second language, but Coldplay songs have brought us together like no other. I’d always play Coldplay on road trips or vacations growing up. Touring with Coldplay has always been at the top of our list for us. Their live shows just bring an energy like no other. Their fanbase is so incredibly diverse and so inspiring to watch react to the music as the band evolves each album! Their live show elements are always insane and keep getting better each era!! light shows, fireworks, and 3D visuals, etc.
Coldplay for years now have been bringing thousands of people together in arenas in every corner of the world. Valley admires Chris Martin so much as a songwriter and human being as well. He’s navigated his whole career with such elegance and focus, using his platform in beautiful ways for decades. I think we’d get along super well!! Chris seems like the best mentor and advice giver to bands, given that Coldplay has stayed together for so long now without breaking up!!
I think we’d learn a lot from just being around the band and asking questions :)
It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t include a runner up!
So IF a time machine existed…Travis Barker drum roll…….
Valley x Blink-182 tour (circa 2001)!!
We’ve been going back to a lot of our childhood hobbies lately, looking for inspiration for our visuals to tie in with all new music rolling out. Blink-182 was the real-life soundtrack to our childhood. From early guitar lessons to bowling alley birthday parties to hanging out at the skatepark!! Their songs are just apart of us.
Blink-182 songs bring you right back to daydreaming you lived in California and your life was a coming of age/ skate spinoff movie. Touring with Blink 182 in 2001 would be the craziest experience. I feel like we’d be driving a beat-up in a van we found used off Craigslist and only one member of our band (probably Alex) would actually own a “mobile” phone haha it would be such a different touring world before the age of Instagram!! I often will find myself on YouTube nowadays at 3am, watching old Blink 182 shows from MTV and it’s so nostalgic. What an era. Everything from the fashion brands to the way they played their instruments, their music videos!? after over 20 years…Blink 182 is iconic. Can’t even imagine the energy and backstage pranks we’d get up to. We would definitely blog it all on our 2001 Sony Cyber-Shot and leak all the footage when we time travel back to 2020!!

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