Join us as Two Times Shy shares their preshow rituals.


In this Preshow Rituals segment, the alternative rock band, Two Times Shy, reveals what they do before taking the stage. You can check out the rituals below:

Sup Legends, Doug here, singer and rhythm guitar man for Two Times Shy. My pre-show routine usually consists of some inappropriately loud vocal warm ups, followed by joining Wes for some guitar scales and general tomfoolery. The last thing I usually do before going on stage is look for Jaden, because he always manages to disappear right when we need him. This culminates in me being nice and prepared to Pop-Punk for the next half hour or so!

Hey guys, Cam here, drummer for Two Times Shy. Before a show, I always warm up on a practice pad. Well, I used to, but I lost it. So now I just drum on any surface that I can find that isn’t too loud and annoying for anyone else around, doing basic rudiments. I also do stretches for my fingers, wrists and forearms. This helps me make sure my hands and arms are nice and loose, ready for me to play.

Hey! I'm Jaden, the bass man for Two Times Shy. Pre-show prep for me includes: sharing a bottle of Manuka honey with Doug so I don't embarrass myself with voice cracks while I'm singing. Getting a couple free drinks from the riders with Wes, and trying to spontaneously grow so I can tease Cam about how short he is. I also keep a sharpie on me for drawing on myself or leaving some “IIXSHY” memos in the bathroom stalls (obviously only at places that allow it). I play a bit of hide and seek from the boys right before our pre-show huddle and then we have a blast on stage!

Sup, Wes here! Normally I get lost on the way to the gig so I’ll probably just have time to grab my guitar out and if I’m lucky, say hey to the other bands. If there’s a back stage I like to work my hands up and mingle with the crew or fans. I don’t mind a JD either.

Two Times Shy
Our bands pre-show ritual is, right before we walk out on stage, in order, we get into a huddle, say a few words of encouragement to each other, reminding ourselves how hard we have worked to get to where we are, Doug says a prayer and then we begin a little chant to get us hyped. We all start clapping slowly and softly saying “yes” repetitively. This crescendos as we chant faster until we are yelling. This gets us super pumped and ready to take the stage.

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