Too Close For Comfort - TOUR TIPS

Join us as Too Close For Comfort gives you their tips for being on tour.

Too Close For Comfort - TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the pop punk band, Too Close For Comfort, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. You can check out the tips below:

We just had the pleasure of doing a two week long tour spanning across the west coast and pushing into the midwest a little bit. Although it wasn't our first tour, It was a crazy experience and we definitely have some tips from each member of Too Close For Comfort for anyone that may think about touring in the future. If anyone has any other questions about touring or anything that we may be able to help with don't be afraid to hit us up through one of our socials!

Tour tips from Jimmy (Coop) Cooper - Bass
Tour tips 1. “Loves” Truck stop, great for taking clean showers and has a subway. 2. Bring a sleeping bag and pillow so you’re ready to sleep anywhere you may be. 3. Sub Sandwiches are your best friend. Easy on the stomach and a healthier option while on the road. 4. Stretching before sets because you spend a lot of time sitting between traveling helps prevent cramps during your set and also helps calm the nerves. 5. Laundromats

Tour Tips from Tyler Pfeifer - Vocals
I would say my biggest advice is to get an adequate amount of sleep. If you aren't well rested then you will most likely have a subpar performance or at least it won't be the best. Also a lot of food spots are down to spot you free food if you're on tour so don't be afraid to ask around whether it be in person or on your socials. If you're traveling in the heat (Texas in the summer like our last tour) try and find a spot to rest as soon as the show is over and plan on driving during the day because as soon as that sun comes up you'll be sweating your ass off and it's going to be a rough time trying to stay asleep. Most importantly I would say have fun! Enjoy being out on the road with your friends because not everyone gets to do it so soak it up, take pictures, and make memories that you'll never forget.

Tour tips from Ryan Gilpin - Guitar
Do your vocal warm ups! You want to make sure you take care of your body and your voice no matter how long or short your tour is. Every night about 15 minutes before we play our vocalist Tyler and I do a 10 minute vocal warm up as well as use a Vicks steam inhaler to open up our voices and make us feel comfortable. One other tip is to know when to shut up, meaning get your vocal rest after the show. I usually take about 30 minutes to let my voice calm down before I start talking to people. If you want to preserve your voice these things are extremely important.

Tour tips from Evan Dini - Drums
Shower everyday and good hygiene will bring the morale up in a lot of different ways. Being on the road for longer tours can get grimy and no one likes someone that smells horrible.

Take everything in as it comes and have a great time, try to live in the moment because not everyone gets to tour and a lot of people would take your place in a heartbeat.

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