Join us as Titans reveal their ultimate tour lineup.

(photo credit: Kevin Vankeirsbilck)

In this Dream Tour segment, the hardcore band, Titans, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks below:

For our dream tour, we would love to go for some nice combinations of melodic and heavy. This is a lineup that we would love to be a part of and that will give you something new with every single band, and it also matches really well with where we draw our inspiration from. All of the bands inspire us immensely.

Anthony's choice: Stray From The Path for me. I've been a fan since the first note, and consider them to be foundational for a more alternative sound in the metal and hardcore scene. They truly capture what hardcore stands for.

Jurgen's choice: I would choose Harms Way since they are the example of what a live set should be: tight, energetic, and with full commitment. Plus, Posthuman is one of the best modern hardcore records out there.

Yoeri's choice: Architects is the perfect band for us to tour with. They manage to sound so brutally heavy without compromising on the build-up and flow of songs. Plus I understand what he's singing!

Ben's choice: Crystal Lake. They're known for their live energy and the songs are just so well written. For me, it's the perfect mix between aggression and emotion.

Maurits' choice: I would go for Malevolence. They seem to be a very good fit with our sound, and their riffage is just amazing. I also really love their live shows since they are so energetic, it's contagious. The crowd always joins in.

Sean's choice: Heart of a Coward with Jamie on vocals! He's really the best live vocalist in the game. I would love to tour with them at some point.

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