In this First Concert Ever segment, the metalcore band, Threnody, talks about the story of their first experiences with live music.


In this First Concert Ever segment, the metalcore band, Threnody, talks about the story of their first experiences with live music. You can check out the story, after the break.

Austin (vocals): On my 13th birthday back in 2008 I was able to catch Journey, Cheap Trick, and Heart in San Antonio while they were on a huge North American tour. A couple of family members and a friend from middle school came along to jam with me while we traversed the seemingly-endless droves of people in the lawn area of the amphitheater. The sight, smells, and sounds of vendors selling overpriced food/beer and the roar of the crowd cheering after every song as we made our way further up. Was intense and exciting for me; I knew in that moment that this was just the beginning for me and my love for concerts/shows.
After settling down and finding a well-enough spot, we were able to enjoy about half of Cheap Trick’s set, which I vaguely remember since my focus was shifted to the overwhelming size of the crowd and arena. After their set, Heart came in with a sound that was incredibly tight and precise; Ann Wilson really impressed me with her total command of every note she hit. Journey played what seemed to be a 2-hour long set, but thankfully they were so spot on with their new singer that their fun/energy on stage made time fly by relatively quickly. Definitely one of my favorite concerts I’ve ever been to!
Chris (guitar): When I was first getting into music around the age of 12-13, the band that first captured my heart was Breaking Benjamin. I actually became obsessed with them. I even got a Breaking Benjamin tattoo when I got older. When I was 14, they just dropped their album Dear Agony, and when the Dallas date of the tour was announced, I begged my parents for WEEKS for tickets. Somehow how they came through, and I got to go with my brother and friends. I remember pulling up to the venue in my mom’s minivan, absolutely blown away by the atmosphere.
When we finally got inside, the band that was on at the time was Flyleaf. The first band I saw live ever technically, but I still give credit to Breaking Benjamin for that (haha). I was up near the top of the venue, but I could feel the energy from the band and it was like nothing else. When Breaking Benjamin finally came on it I felt excitement just take over my body. I could not focus on anything else but the band. The charisma from vocalist Ben Burnley was truly inspiring to me at the time. I ended up losing my voice entirely for 3 days because I sang along so loud and passionately. I walked out of that event knowing I needed to get up there one day and do it myself, I will never forget it. It is still my favorite concert to this day.

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