Terra Lightfoot - DREAM TOUR

Join us as Terra Lightfoot shares her dream tour lineup.

Terra Lightfoot - DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the adult contemporary/americana artist, Terra Lightfoot, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks below:

My band was on one date of Willie Nelson's Outlaw Tour and I have to say I dream about doing more of those shows, or playing at Luck Ranch. Tedeschi & Trucks and Sturgill Simpson and Particle Kid were on the bill, and Willie was next level, I loved seeing the relationship between him and his band and crew - everyone was like family.

If I could bring someone back from the dead I would want to meet Leadbelly. I don't think I would play on the tour though, I would just want to hear him sing and tell stories. His writing and songs have informed so much of who I am as a musician, like an undercurrent to everything I do. I would also want to play with Freddie King and Leon Russell, as they created one of my favorite recordings in the world, Going Down. I would play guitar but I would also want to hear Leon play - I didn't know until recently that he could also rip on electric guitar! Last I would bring back Dallas Good to see him play with the Sadies again. It's a little close to home since he was my friend, but man oh man, the idea of seeing him and hearing him again has got me teary-eyed. The last person to close the night for me would be Dorothy Ashby so everyone could just dance and hang out. Her tunes are the best party music to me. I also love the instrumental aspect of her work because you can let go of analyzing words and voices and instead just focus on feeling.

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