Join us as TEETH gives you tips for being on tour.


In this Tour Tips segment, the metal band, TEETH, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. You can check out the tips below:

Touring is a lot. When you’re away for months at a time, it’s easy to fall into the black hole of truck stop food, Taco Bell, and filthy show clothes. Here’s a few tips that have helped me stay sane over the years (especially now):

1. Change your strings. I know - it’s annoying and it eats into valuable “sitting around doing absolutely nothing” time, but get to the venue and get it over with. Once every few shows is fine, or once a show if you’ve got a sweet string hookup (shout out to my boy Tim at Ernie Ball). Just do it.

2. Stay hydrated. It’s easy to forget this essential life skill when you’re at home surrounded by the shit, let alone when you’re playing a show a day and the only water available is Dasani (aka toilet water), but make a point to hit 3-4L a day. You do not need two Big Gulps, you shriveled up little goblin.

3. Nutrition. Listen. If you’re 20 years old and you’re surviving off $5 Hot N Readys, I get it, but your metabolism will slow down and your ability to function on a diet of bread, cheese, and lizard meat will come to an end. Make a habit of eating something green every day. Go to Walmart or Target, get some veggies, a bag of hard boiled eggs, a pack of chicken/turkey, and throw it in a cooler. Limit your gross meals to once a day, pair this up with tip #2, throw in some very basic supplementation (a multi vitamin, omega 3’s, and vitamin D) and you’ll feel much better.

4. Sleep. You’re not in Motley Crue. You’re never going to be in Motley Crue. Go to fucking bed.

5. I figured I’d save my most woo-woo tip for last, but it’s essential: communicate with your bandmates. Like, really. You’re stuck with these people - they should be your friends. Friends talk. Use your words. If something feels off - talk about it. If there’s an issue, or somebody is rubbing you the wrong way - talk about it. If you’re worried about one of your bandmates - talk about it. I promise it’ll lead to having a healthier relationship with one another and make touring a lot more enjoyable.

And there you have it. My top 5 touring tips. I hope these help, and we’ll see y’all this year once we release our new record - A Biblical Worship of Violence - out May 5th on Nuclear Blast (world)/New Damage (Can).

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