Suffocate Faster - TOUR TIPS

Join us as Suffocate Faster gives you some of their tips for touring.

Suffocate Faster - TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the hardcore band, Suffocate Faster, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. You can check out the tips below:

Greetings! Chris Towning here, guitar player of Cincinnati’s SUFFOCATE FASTER. I have learned a lot on the road over the past 18 years.  Whether is getting on stage every night, stage-managing a touring festival, watching over back-line equipment or selling your favorite band’s merchandise I have done it all. Whichever position you find yourself in, there are a few things that stay constant but the most important is RESPECT.

1) RESPECT THE HOUSE. As touring personnel must remember you are guests in someone else’s home. There isn’t even a tour for you to participate in if the promoters and venues don’t exist. I know this sounds fundamental, but its something the inexperienced don’t take into account. Treat your home for the day as your own. “Clean up after yourself, your mother doesn’t work here.“

2) RESPECT THE CREW, whether it is local or touring is a close second. Henry Rollins said it best, but they are the first ones in and the last ones out, no one wants your rock star bullshit. Start on time, end on time, end early if they tell you to, get your stuff off stage/out of the building as fast as you can, just simply do what they ask. They don’t get paid enough to have to deal with you or the next group of assholes coming to town tomorrow.

3) RESPECT THE HEADLINER. This is just an extension of respecting the crew. Obviously it’s the popularity of the headliner that has given you the chance to be one of the opening acts on this tour. So don’t forget they’ve paid their dues and been in your shoes. All of this hard work they’ve put in commands your consideration.

4) RESPECT YOURSELF. Your body is a temple they say, and they are RIGHT. So remember when you’re on the road your mental health is important as well. Treat others and yourself with kindness. Shake off the bad shows or bad energy; keep a smile on your face and you’ll be happy you did. Take the time to yourself, reflect on the good times and opportunities you’ve been given. NEVER take this time in you life for granted.

5) RESPECT YOUR BODY. Just because you’re out on the road doesn’t mean you have to eat insert random terrible late night fast food spot. Plan ahead for late nights and early mornings before you even leave. It is easy to get caught in a cycle of; coffee, sugar, crash. Break that cycle by carrying vitamins, supplements, and natural sleep/recovery aids. Also, planning what you’re going to eat in the evening after the show will prevent falling into a pizza trap every single night. I’m not saying you can’t enjoy the pizza, stick to “everything in moderation.”

Work hard and take these suggestions to heart. It will lead to better connections, opportunities and relationships down the road. The bottom line is no one likes a jerk or has time for poor attitude in any work place. Plus if you burn yourself out, you might not look back at the tour as much of an opportunity as you should.

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