This crazy story from the road was written by the folk artist, Stu Larsen. You can check out his story, after the break.


This crazy story from the road was written by the folk artist, Stu Larsen. You can check out his story, after the break.

Mexico City – 30th August 2013

This was the craziest night of my life.

We landed in Mexico City around 11pm and were picked up by the guys putting on the show. It had been an exhausting day, but they invited us to go to a party with them; we said yes.

We dropped off our bags, had a quick shower and headed to the party. As we arrived I realised that what I was about to experience would be like nothing I had ever seen before. There were cars everywhere on the street outside, people lining up, police and security everywhere with guns and a high wall around the mansion we were about to enter.

We were ushered through the gate with our new friends and welcomed inside with open arms. The first thing I saw was a huge python in the arms of some girls right near the entrance and people pouring tequila down each other’s mouths. Within seconds, we had tequila being poured into our mouths also.

We made our way to the courtyard where the music was playing, hundreds of people crammed into the courtyard where there was a DJ and massive light show. It felt like we were in a movie, it just didn’t seem real, beautiful people, endless amounts of alcohol, apparently the president’s daughter was there also.

Mike (Passenger) got recognised pretty quickly and was subsequently swarmed by most of the people at the party which meant we were then given an armed security guard to look after us for the rest of the night.. insane! If someone was drunk and a little annoying, they would simply remove them for us. If there were too many people trying to talk to us they would remove a few of them to make it easier. There were so many people wanting photos and autographs and bringing us drinks.. completely insane.

We were there until after 4am, it was the most bizarre night, on the way out they had arranged one last little surprise for Mike and I. They had a Jaguar at the party and they wanted us to hang out with it.

We were out on the footpath by this time and the Jaguar was with the trainer just near us. Mike went first, he looked quite timid (naturally) but soon started to feel comfortable with the animal and sat down with the Jaguar. I was standing back, watching from afar.

Eventually they coaxed me over and I sat down with the trainer and the Jaguar, it is such a powerful being! So much strength! It wraps its teeth around your arms and legs in a playful way, but you can really sense it’s power, it was simply amazing.

The trainer moved away and it was just the Jaguar and I, and as this was happening, a crowd was growing on the street, taking photos and getting rowdy which seemed to agitate the Jaguar. I sensed an instant change in its behaviour and suddenly it lunged for me and I felt the strongest bear hug I had ever felt, I was powerless. The Jaguar then went for my head and had it’s jaws around my neck while it hissed in my right ear, I knew this was not the ideal situation to be in, but there was simply nothing I could do.

My security guard pulled his gun out and started to step in which caused a commotion between the guard and the trainer, I had no idea what was about to happen. I thought I was about to die, either in the jaws of a Jaguar or by the stray bullet of a well-intentioned security guard.

The trainer stepped in and within seconds I felt the grip of this beast loosen and as soon as I felt able, I slowly edged away out of reach and started jumping up and down on the footpath screaming with exhilaration!! It was the most surreal moment of my life and I doubt I will ever experience anything like it ever again! I am very happy to be alive. :)

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