Skymist Blue - DREAM TOUR

Join us as Skymist Blue shares who would be on his dream tour lineup.

Skymist Blue - DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the indie pop/alternative rock artist, Skymist Blue, reveals who he would want on his ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks below:

Hello, my name is Sid, but I go by the artist name Skymist Blue. I'm 22 and from Atlanta, GA. My music is pop, but it's influenced by everything from rock to Latin music and rap. Growing up in Atlanta, my music tastes have been all over the place, exposing me to a wide range of genres and artists, which plays a big part in my dream tour lineup.

For my dream tour, I'd, of course, be the headliner. You can't forget the main event, right? Next up would be Avicii. My journey into music production began at 13, inspired by Avicii. Using FL Studio—just because that's what Avicii used—I began making electronic music and everything snowballed from there. His "In The Studio" videos and his DJ sets were all I watched back then. I wouldn’t be making music if I didn’t listen to Avicii, RIP.

Following Avicii, I'd have Weston Estate on the list. They're a relatively new band, but they've had a significant influence on me, especially throughout college. There was a point where I had stopped making music for almost 2 years, but started again after listening to Weston Estate. They’re a super versatile and talented group pushing for brown representation in the music industry.

Closing the lineup, I'd include Lizzie McAlpine. Her songwriting skills are on another level, and her voice is even more astounding. I'd bet that out of everyone on this tour, she'd be the one to move audiences to tears. Songs like "Pancakes for Dinner" and "Ceilings" are staples in my friend group's music rotation. Discovering Lizzie McAlpine has been pivotal for my own songwriting. The moment I found her music, my own songwriting standards skyrocketed and I couldn’t even look at my old songs anymore.

So, to sum it up, my dream tour lineup would be:
1. Skymist Blue (me)
2. Avicii
3. Weston Estate
4. Lizzie McAlpine

It may seem like an unconventional mix to some, but for me, it's the perfect representation of my dream tour and my musical journey so far.

VEGAS is the culmination of all my influences throughout my musical journey in the form of a song. Be sure to listen to it!

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