Shadow of the Throne - DREAM TOUR

Join us as Shadow of the Throne reveals their dream tour lineup picks.

Shadow of the Throne - DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the nu-metal band, Shadow of the Throne, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks below:

We are Shadow of the Throne a band based out of the Southeast USA. Currently our members are Daniel Jimenez ( Guitar and multi instrumentalist) and Chris ( Lead Vocals ). We are currently assembling a crew of steady musicians for live shows as from a creation process we have it centered around the two of us currently. Our background is diverse and we come from different musical backgrounds.

Daniel has been playing in bands since the mid 2000's having been a member of several local acts out of the Atlanta GA area. Daniel has been focused on melodic death metal, metal core and modern metal throughout that period of time. Chris has a background in EDM and Numetal and has been in several projects in those genres. Our goal in starting Shadow of the Throne is to fuse elements of Numetal, Industrial, progressive and melodic modern metal into a fresh format. From visceral vocal attacks brought forth by Chris or melodic harmonies by Daniel the aim is to bring grooves with intensity to anthem-like singable choruses.

Our Dream Tour would most likely be a revival of the family values tour with a modernization to the line up to include some acts like Cane Hill, Code Orange, etc. We really want to bring back the open and accessible factor of the Numetal area. It would be amazing to tour with acts like Korn, Slipknot, Gojira, and many more. We plan to be tour ready in the next year as we are finishing up our debut LP and our release schedule has us releasing singles through October of 2023. If you are looking for a different blend of genres, take a listen to our songs and see if it resonates with you. Meet us in the Pit!

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