Join us as SEWN reveals what they do before taking the stage.


In this Preshow Rituals segment, the metalcore band, SEWN, reveals what they do before taking the stage. You can check out the rituals below:

To start off, we usually will start the day out with all meeting up together and getting our gear checked and situated for the show later in the day. From there we get the vehicles all loading up and hit the road!

On the road is probably the most fun part of the day other than the show itself. We sing along to some songs by various artists like “Avril Lavigne, Outkast, and many many more” The most important part of the ride to the show is probably listening and singing along to a single song titled “Monsters” by Currents. We have listened to this song before every single show and has definitely become a keypoint tradition for us before any show we play. After this we continue doing lip bubbles and other vocal warmups with our vocalist “Aly Hunter”.

Once we arrive at the venue the nerves can start to kick in but we keep busy by setting up our merch stand, writing setlists for the band and it all ends with us being on stage and the intro running when we give each other fist bumps and tell each other to have a sick set. We like to try and keep the morale high on show days and just have the most fun that we can with it, enabling us to keep high energy going throughout the entire show.

That’s about it for us and our pre show rituals, we appreciate everyone listening and taking the time to read this!

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