Join us as Sever Red tells you what they do to prepare for taking the stage.


In this Preshow Rituals segment, the alternative metal band, Sever Red, reveals what what they before taking the stage. You can check out the rituals below:

As an independent band, our goal is to absolutely slay every set we’re granted the opportunity to play. In order to do that, we have a few preshow rituals that help us to manage any sort of thrash that may arise prior to hitting the stage. Check em out below:

First and foremost, liquids are key! Though it varies among band members. Our vocalist, Kevin, makes it a point to cut caffeine days leading up to the gig; While Josiah, our beloved guitarist, is adamant about housing copious amounts of Red Bull with zero regard for personal safety. It’s all about bringing the most energy a single human could possibly conjure up and with help from his favorite little can of rocket fuel, that’s exactly how it goes down. If it’s not Red Bull or water, you’ll find our other 6 stringed wizard, Tyler, practicing stoicism prior the set with a mixed drink in hand.

Speaking of energy… Another Sever Red staple to getting our minds right prior to a show, is a good old fashioned group huddle. You know. Jumping around and getting loose, hyping each other up with some, “We’re about to kill this shit” vibes. Real feel good type stuff. So if you’re ever at a Sever Red show wondering, “what the hell is going on backstage?” This is definitely it!

While we do like to have fun, we pride ourselves heavily on musicianship as a whole. In order to get on stage and throw down the best we possibly can, we have to place stock in the technical side of things as well. It’s super important that we arrive at the venue early enough to unload equipment so that our instruments, and even our vocal cords, have time to acclimate to climate change. That’s how we’ve been able to repeatedly lock in those massive rhythms you hear on our latest EP, “Sick & Tormented”.

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