Join us as Seranation tells one of their crazy stories from being on tour.


In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the pop/reggae band, Seranation, shares one of their stories from being on the road. You can check out the story below:

The craziest story from being on the road would have to be the night we were stranded on the streets in Austin TX.

We were doing our first ever Headline tour through Texas in the Seranation RV. None of us had driven or owned an RV so we didn’t know all the little quick-fix tricks for when stuff breaks. Early in the tour we played a venue in downtown Austin Texas (near a homeless shelter), and decided to test out the RV “perks”. We expanded the slats for more party space, and activated the big hydraulic anchors to keep the RV from a-rockin’ (though plenty of folks came a-knockin’).

We played the show to a great Austin crowd, and had fun back at the RV for a while. The clock struck 2 am, and folks were being shuffled out of bars and off the streets, so we decided it was time to pack up and head to the next Texas tour city. We put the slats back in and were about ready to roll when we realized the heavy metal anchors won’t come back up. We’re stuck….in a very not nice part of town….at 3 am. Our night was about to get weird.

Our lead singer J and Tour Manager Joey take electric scooters to a store a few blocks away to look for something to fix the RV, but the store was closed. On their way back two homeless dudes pop out of the bushes and try to rob J and Joey! They manage to escape by J throwing one of the scooters and Joey going full “insane-o” (both are also shirtless at this point, btw). Other bums are now getting stirred up from all the commotion and start approaching (the now shirtless AND scooterless) J and Joey. J see’s that one of them has a knife, so the boys decide it’s better to “live to fight another day” and book it back to the RV. Luckily they are both fast on their feet and make it safely back to the bus without getting stabbed!

The RV is still immovable. It’s getting later, and we’re all exhausted. We don’t think it could get much worse…and then we hear a burst of gunfire from the alley directly behind us, and see cops (on bikes) heading the other way!

We all hunker down in the RV expecting more shooting, but it doesn’t happen. About 45 minutes later, more police show up and question us about the gunfire. We tell them what happened (including the part about the other cops going the wrong way), and they then tell us that we, get this, “should probably leave the area”. We all just started laughing.

Finally the sun comes up and we’re able to get the part to fix the RV. We put it in drive and are about to roll out when our bassist Bianca comes out of the back cabin, yawns, stretches, looks around and says “ ‘morning guys, what happened last night?”

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