Join us as Secret Menu reveals what they do before taking the stage.


In this Preshow Rituals segment, the alternative rock band, Secret Menu, reveals what they do before taking the stage. You can check out the rituals below:

Hey everyone Raf here! I am the lead singer and bass player of Secret Menu. One of my pre-show rituals is to take 1-2 minutes before the show starts and to be by myself. I’ll find an empty room, hallway, or sneak outside, and center myself, take a few deep breaths, and remind myself to have fun. I find that this helps quell any nerves and allows me to set my intention for the show.

Hey, Matt here! Whenever I can, I like to be out in the crowd before a show to chat with people and listen to any artists going on before us. Hearing other artists perform, especially new ones, always inspires me and makes me super excited that I get to perform. Before our set, I make sure to tune up my guitar, run through some riffs, and click through all my keyboard sounds (which run off of a laptop) to make sure everything is working. After stocking up on some water and a quick huddle with the band, I’m ready to hit the stage.

Hey I’m Andrew the guitarist from Secret Menu, and before heading out to a gig I’ll watch a funny Youtube video or comedy TV show to put myself in a light mood and laugh off some of the stress.

Hey, it's Evan from Secret menu, and before a show I’m usually pretty stressed from setup and soundcheck. To help me relax I make sure to eat food, try to get away from the stage for a bit, and most importantly I do some stretches to loosen up my arms and hands.

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