Join us as SAME PAINS' Justin Kelly tells you a crazy tour story.


In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, Justin Kelly, lead singer of the metalcore band, SAME PAINS, shares one of their stories from being on the road. You can check out the story below:

We were en route to play our first show in Brisbane with an old band of ours playing in Bundaberg the previous night. We had Jimmy’s Toyota troop carrier with the bench seats folded up, beanbags in the back, a 40 inch TV ratchet strapped to his subwoofer, and a PS4 locked and loaded with the latest Mortal Kombat. We stopped at a highway bakery to grab some pies. I realised first bite how flakey the pastry was, so, being a nice guy and not wanting to get crumbs all through the car I thought it was a good idea to eat it half outside the car with the window down at 100Kmh.

Almost immediately, the G forces of wind obliterated my pie all over me, all over the side of the car and inside the window like diarrhoea. I lost my pie to the Bruce Highway. In the split second that I tried to latch onto it, my brand new pair of sunglasses flew off my face and shattered on the road, in that quick motion I took it pinched a nerve in my back. I was in terrible pain. We played that night and I could barely move.

Although after an injury and a pair of sunglasses down, the true heartbreak was only getting one bite of that fucking pie.

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