Running Lights – PRESHOW RITUALS

In this Preshow Rituals segment, the pop rock band, Running Lights, reveals what they do before taking the stage.

Running Lights

In this Preshow Rituals segment, the pop rock band, Running Lights, reveals what they do before taking the stage. You can check out the story, after the break.

Generally, I enjoy Peace before a show. Not peace and quiet, Peace of mind. And only if possible, of course. It may seem naive to expect that one can achieve such a Peace in a venue, theater, or any public forum for that matter. But, as it usually stands, the hardest things to possess are the things we want most. Pre-show Peace can be many things, if not all of the following. A smooth transit to the venue, expedited load-in, and an efficient soundcheck. Being a singer I make it a point to have several full-voiced conversations in an effort to warm up the chords; conventional vocal warm-ups are not quite suited to my rubber band of a voice. Perhaps I’ll sit in our vehicle and scream. Anything to get it a bit ragged, a bit raspy, so I can push it to that place onstage. A stiff drink, whiskey on rocks usually, can aid in that particular venture. Scream for Peace. A contradiction in and of itself, but why not? The temperature and humidity of a venue can have a positive or negative effect on a guitar, the latter resulting in some difficulty to pull the thing in-tune. It’s usually traveled some miles, as have we, and requires its own full-voiced conversation to find Peace. One hundred push-ups is the final action before actually climbing onstage. Now the heart is just a few beats shy of nervousness but adrenaline takes it the rest of the way. If there aren’t nerves it’s not worth doing. Nerves, fear, “do-or-die” brings the best out of any performer. Now, we disturb the Peace.
– Mike Squillante (Vocals)
Shows?! What are shows haha?! For my own pre-show ritual I don’t really do too much. I usually like to arrive at the venue as early as possible so the setup can be relaxed. I HATE having to rush getting everything patched in and working before a show, especially if it’s a showcase with multiple bands. Once we’ve done a soundcheck and have a good in-ear mix I’ll usually grab a beer or two and chill with Mike and Steve. Also, whenever it’s possible, I always love to hang with friends and fans before the show (and after of course)!
– Nick Squillante (Keys)
In my opinion the most important thing to do pre-show is to get in the right mind set and warm up. For me the quickest way to get in the right mindset is to sip on a good whiskey on the rocks. Recently, if it’s available, I love to indulge with some Glenfiddich but I will happily take any whiskey the bartender is offering! After some sips of the whiskey I like to grab my sticks and work on some basic drum rudiments. Sometimes I throw in headphones and work to a click but most times I just work on the rudiments that I have the most fun with. Usually it takes about 15-20 minutes to feel good so next I work on the rest of my body. After my arms and hands feel good I like to get up and move around a bit to shake off any final jitters! I’ll usually do squats, lunges, and pushups in a circuit to really get my heart rate up and the blood flowing. After about 10 minutes I’ve got a slight sweat going and I feel great! Finally, I go up to the guys and get them pumped up too!
– Steve Ranellone (Drummer)

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