Rosie Darling – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the electro pop artist, Rosie Darling, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup.

Rosie Darling

In this Dream Tour segment, the electro pop artist, Rosie Darling, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Wow, as an artist creating music during a pandemic, I haven’t allowed myself to even think about a tour! It’s been so long since I’ve stepped into a venue and seen a live show, and I miss it so much! Seeing artists perform is always magical because you see a candid portrayal of their feelings when they sing and see how it resonates in the room. I’ve performed a good amount throughout my life, and I miss the feeling of capturing a room :)
My dream tour would probably consist of many of my favorite artists and would be a mix of different genres! One of my favorite shows I have ever been to was Coachella, and although it is a huge festival, I love the idea of bopping around to different stages depending on what mood you’re in and what you want to listen to. Plus, the idea of being outside sounds perfect to me.
In no particular order, my dream show would consist of Ed Sheehan, Halsey, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, John Mayer, Odesza, Bon Iver, Chance The Rapper, ARIZONA, Flume, Kygo, Zedd, and so many more!!! I love artists that have feel-good music, and so many of those artists truly represent my generation with their songs. I will never forget running around the desert with my best friend, Mara, dancing, and spinning in circles listening to Zedd at sunset. Those artists have been around for a long time, and sometimes you forget the anthemic songs they’ve created! Even with Zedd, I had totally forgotten about songs like “Clarity” and “Break Free,” but when they started playing, I found myself knowing all of the words; it felt so familiar. So many crowd-pleasers, like the opening guitar riff of John Mayer’s “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room,” are also songs that resonate with people, and I would want to create as many of those familiar moments as possible :)
When I do tour, I look forward to creating a playlist that I can blast before I go on stage and get people ready for the show. I think it’s important for the audience to know what songs I listen to that get me hyped up for performing because it shows them what inspires me! Although I’m sure it’s tiring being on tour, I’m excited to be in the same room as my listeners and live in the moment while creating an experience that we both will remember <3

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(photo credit: Carter Howe)