Rookie of the Year - TOUR PRANKS

Join us as Rookie of the Year tells you prank story from tour.

Rookie of the Year - TOUR PRANKS

In this Tour Pranks segment, the indie pop rock band, Rookie of the Year, chats about pranks that have happened on tour. You can check out the story below:

When we were out on tour with Secondhand Serenade the band The graduate that was on the tour as well took off the tires of a RV that happened to be SS touring vehicle. It was a cold snowy night in Salt Lake City

Eventually rolling the tires on stage while they were playing.   We all sat on them for the last song and sang along to “Fall for You”  I think we ended up putting them back on after the show because we felt bad.  Lol

That was the last night of a two month tour called Stay Classy USA with Secondhand Serenade - PlayradioPlay - My American Heart - the graduate and Rookie of the Year.

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