In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the post-hardcore band, Revisionist, shares one of their stories from being on the road.


In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the post-hardcore band, Revisionist, shares one of their stories from being on the road. You can check out the story, after the break.

Josh Barbee (guitar) was touring with his old band, The Gentleman Homicide in December of 2006. They were on tour with The Handshake Murders and passing through Oklahoma City. After the first show, a kid (Andrew) invited everyone back to his house. He mentioned his dad was out of the country and he had plenty of space. When we got there we noticed that this kid had A LOT of new, and expensive stuff. He had a new snowboard, he had just gotten a bunch of brand new tattoos, and he had a brand new drum set with a plethora of new symbols. This kid had a bunch of stuff and even more boxes that weren’t opened or were half-open. We asked him where his dad was and how long he had been gone. He said that his dad was in Nigeria until February. It seemed weird, but a shower and warm bed were a higher priority. The next day we had a show in Claremore, OK with Destroyer Destroyer. Andrew drove their van to that show in Claremore and to the show we had the following night.
The next few nights we had shows in Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. While we were in Kansas City, we got a call from a friend and they asked if we had heard about Andrew. This was a different time, when social media wasn’t lightning fast, or as easily accessible, especially for a broke band on tour. We asked what happened and they told us, “Andrew killed his dad”. We were confused and obviously shocked. We called Destroyer Destroyer to get some details and find out what they knew. They told us to look up the KOCO website.
We checked it out and found out that this Andrew kid, just days after we stayed there, had been in a five-hour standoff with Oklahoma City police. He was finally arrested after being found in his attic. At the time he was arrested, the police found his dad, dismembered in the freezer. Over the next few weeks, we got a couple of calls from the FBI asking about our involvement with Andrew. Because he was maxing out all of his dad’s cards, the FBI thought he was using his friends to stash all of the stuff he was buying. We didn’t have any of his stuff, but the call from the FBI was wild. We found out later that he stabbed his dad with a kitchen knife and dismembered him with an ax and stashed him in the freezer in the garage.

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