Join us as REACH shares their tips for being in a touring band.


In this Tour Tips segment, the alternative rock band, REACH, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. You can check out the tips below:

1. Patience. On top of the list we´re gonna put patience. There will be a lot of waiting, annoying situations and/or people. So your best way to save yourself and the situation will be preparations and PATIENCE!

2. Flip Flops. Wanna have mushrooms growing on your feet? No! Well then, get some flip flops and shoe change.

3. There´s no I in Teamwork. We´ve had the luck to tour both as support and as headliner and it's gonna serve everyone well if you and your band are as helpful as possible. It has served us well and often we´ve experienced that we´ve been treated the same way we´ve treated the ones around us. So be helpful and do your part!

4. Check around the bus before you take off. We had a "trailer surfer" standing between the bus and the trailer after a gig in Burgos, Spain. That could have ended badly since the venue was just a few hundred meters from the highway and our next stop 5 hours away. Fortunately our driver saw the guy in a camera and the idiot was removed. This was fun, extremely dangerous and happened recently so it´ll get on our tip-list.

5. Imodium. Don´t think we need to explain why.

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