In this Tour Tips segment, the post-hardcore artist, Rauli V, recommends advice for being a musician on the road.

Rauli V

In this Tour Tips segment, the post-hardcore artist, Rauli V, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. You can check out the tips, after the break.

1. Engagement
When trying to network on tour it is extremely important to read the room and add to the positive vibe. People will always remember how they feel around you before they can even think of your name so being fully engaged is Key. Remembering names, helping with loading in/out, and engaging with followers before/after the show will ensure you get rebooked, build stronger support for your brand/band and drive potential followers up while getting additional merch sales because you will need that if you want to stay on the road.
2. Eye Contact
This is the number one thing that can drive merch sales PERIOD! You’ve heard many times it’s all about the personality behind the people selling merch or making sure someone is there at all times; however, if you don’t connect on stage then you won’t close merch sales! We have all seen the bands that always look down when they play with awkward silences tuning their guitars between songs, DON’T BE THIS. You signed up to be the attraction so you need to ATTRACT!
3. Record Your Performance
You need something to work with not only for your social media content but if you want to become a better performer all around you need to study your style and add more to the pot. Watch the video as a unit and provide feedback to each other. Just like football players you need to see what works and what needs to be thrown away immediately for the following date! The last thing you need is a fan to post you online and you hate every part of it because you didn’t work on your stage presence.
4. Checklist
Believe it or not, you will always lose something at a venue, in the van, or in someone’s trailer. From instruments to merch it is always important to keep track of everything you are bringing in/out if you want to avoid having to ship a guitar from Tampa, FL all the way to Buffalo, NY like I did on my last run. Quick Bonus throwing a “stage checklist” for shoutouts also is crucial so those who busted their butts can get some love too!
5. Hygiene
No matter how big or small your tour is, after a few days of hitting the stage and traveling in a tin can you will get pasty! GET A MEMBERSHIP AT PLANET FITNESS and opt for the nationwide membership and thank me later! This now gives you 24/7 access to a gym to kill time, stay in shape and CLEAN YO BEHIND! Plus you also get a buddy pass so not everyone even needs to get one and I’m sure due to the pandemic the price point lowered too!

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(photo credit: credit Liz Peterson)