In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the post-hardcore band, Rarity, shares one of their stories from being on the road.


In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the post-hardcore band, Rarity, shares one of their stories from being on the road. You can check out the story, after the break.

Hey there, my name is Corbin Giroux and I play guitar in Rarity. Today I’m sharing a crazy tour story that happened while we were on tour with Capstan last year in Chicago. After the show, our friend Nina wanted us to go to her friend Dave’s ‘kick back’. Being Canadian I needed clarification on what this meant and was told it’s like a party but more calm and with less people. Rarity parked, grabbed our PBR, and headed to the kick back.
Within two minutes of being in this man’s house, I see someone (it might actually have been Dave) holding the second hottest sauce from Hot Ones. I knew no one at this house at first. I went over and took a shot of the sauce. I proceeded to cry and sweat while people were playing SSX tricky or something, followed by running outside to the curb to sit down. I lasted two minutes at the kick back before crying from liquid hell and calling my girlfriend Jenna to explain what just went down. After this, I ordered two entire feet of subway sandwiches to make me smile.
The subs finally arrived and I am now smiling. I start eating one inside and then I’m told everyone is going to the video game arcade and that Ubers are on the way. I finish the second foot of subway sandwiches before they arrive. It took me TEN minutes to eat two whole feet of subs. Here’s where it makes even less sense. We’re in the uber and almost at the arcade. We ask the driver to stop early because there were a bunch of guys throwing REAL MONEY in the streets of Chicago. I run over, realize that it’s real money, and go on to collect as much of it as I could. (They were all singles and I made $17)
I asked one of the guys throwing the money what was going on and all he did, without even looking at me was yell at the top of his lungs “WE RICH”. People everywhere were running around trying to grab dollar bills like this was the first time they saw George Washington, including me. The guys drove off eventually, we got Taco Bell at some point, I beat Nina at air hockey and yelled really loud, and then we somehow got back to our friend Fran’s apartment at probably 3/4am. There are so many things I’ve missed in this story because of how nothing made sense that night, but at the end of it, all we were still up at 9am en route to Columbus only to be held up by a Chicago marathon that made us almost miss our set at the Big Room Bar.
The best part of this night was that if you asked anyone else in the band what happened everyone’s story would be different because we were all in different places always, carrying out five stupid timelines on a Saturday. Everything happened so fast, and the next time I’m in Chicago I am going to eat three feet of subway sandwiches.

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