Join us as PUSCH reveals who they would want on their dream tour.


In this Dream Tour segment, the hardcore punk band, PUSCH, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks below:

When DTB tossed us that question about our dream tour lineup, it was like the universe aligned, and we all just knew: Mindforce had to be on that list. Their riffs? Pure fire. Their stage presence? Legendary. Brandon practically lives in that Mindforce shirt he got from This Is Hardcore last year—can you blame him? Every single track they unleash just tears through your soul. Sure, catching them live again might be tougher than snagging front row seats to a comet shower, but hey, if we could lock them down for a tour, we'd be ready to retire right then and there.

Now, let's talk about End It out of Baltimore. The sheer energy pulsating from their Unpleasant Living EP? It's like a jolt of lightning straight to the veins. Their vibe is infectious, their videos are pure artistry—put us and them in any venue, and I promise you, that room would never be the same again. It's not just about sharing a stage; it's about setting that stage on fire together.

And rounding out our dream lineup? No Pressure, without a doubt. Three times we've caught their electrifying performances, and each time, it's like being strapped to a rocket headed straight for the sun. Break up the madness with some epic stage dives? Sign us up. Plus, those guys? Total class acts. Meeting them after TIHC 23 sealed the deal—they're not just rad, they're the epitome of everything we love about the scene.

Oh, and as an honorable mention? Just stumbled upon Karen Dio's "Sick Ride," and damn, that track is a whole mood. Throw her in the mix just for that song, and you've got yourself the sickest lineup this side of the galaxy.

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