Project Renegade – CRAZY TOUR STORIES

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the rap metal band, Project Renegade, shares one of their stories from being on the road.

Project Renegade

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the rap metal band, Project Renegade, shares one of their stories from being on the road. You can check out the story, after the break.

Funny thing about touring is that literally every time you pack your bag and hit the road, an adventure is waiting for you on the other end. It can be just a simple trip where you put miles and experiences in the old soul, or it can be one of the craziest things you’ve ever experienced. I am not a believer in the metaphysical per se but comically enough this little nugget that we went through and that I’m about to present to you, has the band believing in ghosts, vampires, zombies, the rise of the prices of eggs in China and all the legends in between.
So, here goes…For those who do not know who we are, we are called Project Renegade and we are a sort of groovy, bouncy kind of metal band proudly hailing from Satan’s left butt chick known as Athens, Greece. For whatever reason, our tour in 2018 found us playing a show in a country that shall not be named for a festival that’ll remain nameless as well. When we arrived at the hotel that was supposedly booked for us by the festival’s promoter, the receptionist told us that there was no booking with our names and kicked us out of the hotel. We were half-asleep on a bench while one of us was on a night shift to protect our gear when out of nowhere the promoter of the show shows up in an RV and picks us up and told us that we could crash in his house. We were very apprehensive but we said ok.
When we arrived at his house we were scared shitless cause that dude was living in what can be described as a mini-mansion. On my left, there was this mirror hanging with gargoyles and women that were having sex, at the corridor, there was a counter that had 17 human skulls in line, in his kitchen there was armor from a knight and his sword was in between the handle of the fridge keeping it safe from opening the gates of ham and releasing the fury of cheese and lettuce. At this point we were dying laughing but when we noticed that this psycho had his living room covered with plastic membranes we were on high alert. The dude took us into a room that, I kid you not, had blood-red handprints on the wall. I remember he told us to take us to see where the bathroom is so everyone left except me and I closed the door and went to grab my suitcase. Suddenly he was standing right behind me and the door was still closed! Swear to god I saw the dude leave. Afterward, he told us to sleep well and to not go to the room across from us, and to also not wake him up until the sun falls down. During the house tour, my bandmates also saw a lot of BDSM accessories being royally displayed. Of course, my bandmates in the end fell asleep and I was the only one awake when the door from the forbidden room across opened and a chick with a full-on BDSM suit came out. The show was a success though, so what the hell? Being hunted by count Dracula in his sex-murder mansion in order to play a kickass show?
Totally worth it!

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