In this First Concert Ever segment, the emo rock band, PlainView, talks about the story of their first experiences with live music.


In this First Concert Ever segment, the emo rock band, PlainView, talks about the story of their first experiences with live music. You can check out the story, after the break.

Okay so my first concert ever, I don’t really count. My grandma took me to see Julio Iglesias. I barely have any recollection of it. My first *actual* concert that I wanted to go to was the Black On Black Tour in 2007. It was Escape The Fate and blessthefall.
I went with my older sister and a few of her friends. I don’t remember where it was, I was 10 years old. That show really brought me into the world of “emo/heavier” music. Before that, I had only known a few songs from hearing them on people’s Myspace profiles and downloading from Limewire. I would say that going to see those bands dramatically shaped my taste in music.
My first concert was seeing Fall Out Boy on the Young Wild Things Tour in 2007. I found out about FOB from my friend’s older sister who, to me at the time, was the gatekeeper of all things scene and cool. If there was a band worth knowing about, she knew who they were and exposed us to it. I showed up to the show with 3 of my closest friends, our 12-year-old minds were about to be blown. We came in full scene gear: straightened hair, studded belts, Etnies, chokers, you know…what every 12-year-old wore. The show was Cute is what we aim for, Plain White T’s, Gym Class Heroes, and Fall Out Boy. Watching Joe spin with his guitar onstage, Pete’s crowd interaction, Patrick’s incredible voice, and Andy’s full-body tats gave me a moment of absolute clarity. I left the concert with a pit in my stomach. I was excited having seen the show but I was anxious, jealous, and almost upset. I wanted that experience for myself. I wanted to feel the way Fall Out Boy felt on stage that night. It was a feeling I didn’t know I needed and now that I had seen it, I knew I would chase that feeling the rest of my life. That feeling still drives me for every show and every interaction PlainView has. I get to live that feeling now.
I went to a few local shows when I was young, but my first REAL show was the Detroit date of Warped Tour 2012. It was the middle of July and the high that day was 105 degrees and all the expressway exits, but one, were closed to get to the venue, so we ended up being stuck in a two-hour line to get there. We were all piled in my buddy’s old minivan and it was so hot that the car overheated about a mile and a half from the venue, so we pushed it into a vacant lot nearby and left it there all day. We ended up having to walk the rest of the way, and by the time we got there, we were sweating and exhausted. I’ll never forget hearing Memphis May Fire playing The Sinner as we were walking up and it bringing us all back to life for the rest of the day.
My first show was A Day To Remember in 2018 for their 15 years in the making tour. Papa Roach was direct support for them, and there was this old couple sitting next to me and my friend. Papa Roach finished their set, then the couple started to get up and leave. We asked, “Where are you guys going?” and they were like, “The show’s over.” We said to them, “ No, ADTR is headlining and they still have to play.” They said, “Never heard of them, we thought the tour was called A Day to Remember.” Then ADTR took the stage and played their first song. The couple got up and were like, “These guys fucking suck!” and then they left.
So my first concert was with my brother seeing Eminem in 2010 when he was doing the Home & Home tour with Jay-Z. Because they were only playing Detroit and New York, I felt blessed to have been able to see one of my favorite artists at the time. Since we were all sharing that Detroit pride that Eminem is known for, we naturally got coney dogs from one of the most distinct coney restaurants in the state (Lafayette Coney Island). Having never been to a show, I was not aware of the common tropes of concerts (like the encore). When Eminem ended the regular set (pre-encore), I attempted to get my brother to leave to beat the traffic. When he came back on stage a minute later to the tune of Lose Yourself, I lost my mind. The most distinct thing I can recall from the show was the constant amount of electricity in the air. Everyone attending had this energy that I’ve never experienced before, and it’s something that I notice now at every show I attend (and play). There was something about seeing these artists on stage giving their all that drove me down the path I’m on today.

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