Join us as Pink Elefants shares of their crazy stories from being on tour.


In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the rock band, Pink Elefants, shares some of their stories from being on the road. You can check out the story below:

Josh (Vocals/Guitar)
Back in the day, pink elefants was known by many as a little old band called Megosh. back then we were newly signed under Revival Recordings founded by Shawn Milke of Alesana. Megosh had the pleasure of touring persistently with Alesana and had a great time doing it. Both bands became friends and during our first US tour Megosh pulled one of if not the best end of your pranks ever on the boys in Alesana.

This took place in Virginia at a venue called “Jax.” (sp?)

This US tour was a long one so we had a lot of time to plan this out but it did come at a cost. See, Megosh had hired a new “tour manager” named Josh Reardon and for lack of a better word let’s just say he got demoted to “Merch Guy.”

No offense to Reardon but he had clearly lied on his application when it came to experience. All through the month Reardon had to be given a strict “talking to” on more than one occasion about his behavior and a theme/notion consistently spoken to Reardon was for him to “Earn Respect.”

It was a way to poke fun at the situation and make light of it all; however, it wasn’t just us a little embarrassed by his poor stage-side manner. No, Alesana also noticed it and shared our disheartened predicament. But in this unusual situation, we struck gold—lighting in a bottle! We came up with a way for Reardon to finally earn respect AND for us (Megosh) to pull the best tour prank ever on a pretty famous band. So we explained the plan to Reardon and he was in! But there was one problem, we needed inside help to get the job done. Fast forward to the last day of Tour and Virginia. We approached Dennis, Alesana’s screamer and asked him point blank if he would help us. We explained the plan and pretty much told him all he had to do was give up his vest and hat (two items he wore every show). I remember saying he knew too much and he had no choice but to go along with the prank and Dennis asking “well what happens if I don’t?” In which I responded “then we tie you up and it happens anyway.” Dennis chuckled “well I guess I don’t have a choice.” A smart choice on his part! Anyways, his vest and hat were placed on Reardon and Dennis and him sat on the side of the stage while the rest of Alesana were on stage playing a little intro piece they had composed. After a few minutes of this instrumental, Dennis would come up on stage and pump the crowd up and go into one of their hit songs to really open up the show, however, this time, it was Reardon who went up in place. The look on every single one of the bands faces was priceless! And there is a video SOMEWHERE floating around if it but who knows where that is now. Lost in digital dreamland somewhere. Reardon actually did really well and knew the song by heart already so crowd didn’t even notice until we released Dennis and told him he was good to go! Dennis walked on stage about half way through their first full song, hugged Reardon and got back his hat and vest from Reardon. Reardon then stage dove into the crowd and it made his life, I’m sure of it! At the end, Alesana was shockingly impressed with our brilliance and Reardon finally earned his respect!

Finch (Vocals/Guitar)
About 10 years ago, the band I was in megosh and we were in Albuquerque, New Mexico staying at a guys house that we have never met before. The guy was a friend of our drummers dad from way back or something. The neighbor of that guy had a horse in the backyard and they were on vacation. The guy said I could ride the horse and that it has been ridden many times before. I rode it naked bareback. It immediately bucked me off. I was bucked naked. Needless to say, I was told right after the horse bucked me off that the horse has never been ridden and he actually didn’t know his neighbors…

Dominic (Bass Guitar)
I’ll never forget one time we were playing a late show at the 9:30 club opening up for some gogo bands in DC, very hectic line up. At the time i also worked full time at that club as a stagehand, showing up to my job to play a show was a dream come true, only if it wasn’t a complete disaster. went on at like 1am, our guitar player also worked at the club, basically got himself fired, another buddy of ours decided to go bring this massive squirt gun and shoot water at the crowd, somehow the trigger got stuck soaking all the gear and eventually landing on the monitor console. yeah they didn’t like us very much after that.

Mike (Drums)
I was 20 years old my first time ever on tour. I had found this band "Megosh" through a mutual friend who tagged me in their FB post saying they were looking for a drummer for their upcoming tour with Good Tiger. So I hit up the guys, some dude named Finch replies and tells me in order to get the gig I need to pick 2 songs out of this list of 7 or however many there were and send in an audition video. So, being the eager young musician I was, I learned all of the songs and sent in my video the following day. They had no choice but to give me the job. Not that I was even that good, hell im sure there must've been 100 drummers better and more experienced than me that tried out but i had already learned the set and thats really what they were looking for. Someone who can do the job, the whole job. SO its our first day on the tour and i get a call from an unknown number. I pick it up, and it is my Father! (It should be noted that I was raised by my grandparents and had little to no contact with my biological dad since I was born) He said "hey man! I saw the news, first off, 'congratulations' second, I noticed that your first day of tour is in Nashville!" to which I had said "yeah... we're on the way to the venue now" he said "great! I'll see you there tonight I'm also on the way" To say I was shocked is an understatement. We get to the gig and in the parking lot is some dude that looks just like me holding a Kroger bag filled with loose packs of American Spirit Turquoise. My favorite cigarettes. So we talked before load in, he invited me cousins and extended family that is local to music city, and in 24 hours I went from playing drums in a basement to playing my first big boy show on the road and having a family reunion all in one. That day is, for so many reasons, a day i will never forget.

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