Patient Sixty-Seven – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the metalcore band, Patient Sixty-Seven, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup.

Patient Sixty-Seven

In this Dream Tour segment, the metalcore band, Patient Sixty-Seven, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

The idea of sharing our dream tour lineup is kind of amazing.
Being a band from a country with so many great heavy acts – as well as a band located in a city kind of out of the way, we’ve often thought about the bands we’d love to share the stage with.
This was tough to narrow down, but we’ve put together a tour lineup that we think people would love to see! Each of the bands picked mean something very special to me, either playing a big role in inspiring what we do today or maybe even more importantly in being a band that was pivotal in shaping my dream to write and play music.
We’ll get started with us opening things show. We’d love to set the tone at the start of the night…show everyone what P67 is about. Our live show is a lot of fun, a lot of opportunity for the crowd to get involved with big breakdowns, mic grabs and hopefully being able to sing along with us too! I think we’d be the perfect band to warm people up and set the scene!
Next, I’d absolutely adore having Like Moths to Flames bring the heat! They’re an incredible band. I’m a huge fan of how they’ve carved out such an awesome career going back to the start of last decade, every release seems to bring something exciting to the table. Chris is a wonderful vocalist, and it would make my day watching them every single night! Moths are the real damn deal. This just fits perfectly!
Coming in third on the night would be the larger-than-life Ice Nine Kills. The impact they’ve had on my writing and perspective over the last 4-5 years is unreal. They’re one of the biggest bands in the scene now for a reason. A good reason. They put out amazing music and a live show to match, one of my favourite bands doing it right now, and their last two records are albums I still jam weekly. I would be honoured to play on the same tour as INK! Lock them in!!
Next up is We Came as Romans. The band has had such an impact on me since the day I started listening to heavy music. I’m in awe of how they’ve just put out music that touches people, and they’re still at the top of their game even with Kyle not with us anymore. To Plant a Seed is all time for me, today and forever! They paved the way as one of the best metalcore bands of the last 15 years!
Headlining would have to be a joint venture between the two bands that inspired and shaped my love for heavy music. Bring Me The Horizon and Asking Alexandria…I couldn’t pick both so here it is. I fell in love with their music in high school and it’s their sound that really inspired my passion for heavy music. Both bands have gone different routes today, but have had such amazing careers. I’d love to get both bands on stage to play some of their classics – BMTH being Suicide Season cuts, and AA playing bangers off the first two records. Two just iconic acts for me and I’ll always be thankful for the impact they’ve had on me as a musician and a fan of music!
There it is. There are SO many more I’d love to fit in, but I think this ticks all the boxes. That was too much fun! I’d love to dream some more about this in the future.
Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy our new single!
Tom x Patient Sixty-Seven

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