Paris Street Rebels – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the rock band, Paris Street Rebels, reveals the details of who they’d want on their ultimate tour lineup.

Paris Street Rebels

In this Dream Tour segment, the rock band, Paris Street Rebels, reveals the details of who they’d want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their selections, after the break.

In the case of a dream tour alive or dead, we would have to put all our cherished childhood heroes together on one stage, on one run of dates around the world in the hope that the kids watching today could gain the same fire we got listening to them all our misspent youth.
We would stick David Bowie, The Libertines, The Strokes, and The Clash on one tour and we would carry their amps for free.
These are just a few of the bands and artists that raised us through the fever of working-class adolescence and taught us life wasn’t as mundane as our parents would have us believe.
The Libertines and The Strokes started a fire in our young hearts just as the 21st century was learning to walk. This coincided with our own coming of age. The poetry and majesty of The Libertines cracked open our young brains to the concept that music could mean more than soundtracks to bleak afternoons in supermarket aisles comparing ravioli.
The Strokes blew the whole world apart just when rock’n’roll was ready for the grave. New York hipsters who taught Scottish delinquents what style really was, what music could really do.
The Clash have always existed in a timeless untouchable vacuum. The only band that matters. Joe Strummer forced musicians to be more than hollow superficial posers at coked up sinister after parties. His voice and intellect seem to jump right out the speakers and the energy and power of those four people together has yet to be equaled. The band and their output are still as vital and as relevant today as it was in 77, that says it all really.
David Bowie and the extent of his work can’t really be suitably distilled, described or de-constructed at this point. An artist who refused to remain still and never compromised his individuality for a quick buck or an easy ride throughout multiple decades. Someone who has inspired every creative person in every field since whether they know it or not.
He’ll live on when all the other pretenders have long since faded into the background. King of the freaks he didn’t change to accommodate the mainstream, rather mainstream culture had to bend to meet him.
These are just a few of our heroes. Now it’s down to us to make sure the lost souls of today have something just as real and as beautiful to adorn their bedroom walls.

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