Paris Paloma - TOUR TIPS

Join us as Paris Paloma gives you her tips for being on tour.

Paris Paloma - TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the singer-songwriter, Paris Paloma, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. You can check out the tips below:

I have numerous tour tips, the first of which is the importance of a having a fiction book to bring with you. I love non-fiction, but it’s not what tour calls for, on tour I always need a fiction novel to escape into so that I can forget my whereabouts whenever I am on a plane, train or stuck in an airport waiting for a delayed flight (that’s how I ended up eating up 300 pages of Donna Tartt’s “The Secret History” in one sitting, which normally I would not have the attention span for).

Another tour tip is to ASK FANS FOR ADVICE ON WHERE TO EAT. They’ll know, they live there. At my first show in Amsterdam, the band and I traipsed around for nearly an hour trying to find somewhere to get food after soundcheck in a city we didn’t know. When we returned later in the week for the second show, we simply asked the gig-goers who were queuing up outside the venue an hour and a half before doors opened. They were incredibly sweet and helpful and laughed at how excited we were by the supermarket they suggested but it was perfect and we were fed and happy, and the supermarket gave us free stickers.

I think I’d also advise to find the balance between experiencing the place or country you’re in, and knowing when it’s best to truly use your rest days to do the same things you’d do at home. In Belgium, I was up early in the morning to go and have a swim on the empty beach in the last warm days in September, but in New York, when our rest day came around I was buried under the duvet in the hotel room, committing to the active decision of doing absolutely nothing and recuperating, whilst my band took the ferry to the statue of liberty. The absolute most vital thing on tour is self care and rest whenever you can, as the energy usage is so intense and I always want to feel revitalised when I go to play my music for all the wonderful people who bought tickets.

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