Once Upon A Time – 2nd ROAD BLOG from the “Timeless Tour”

The pop rock band, Once Upon A Time, is currently on the “Timeless Tour” with Hello Highway and Jocelyn. While they’re out on the road, they will be doing an exclusive blog for us. You can check out the band’s…

Once Upon A Time – 2nd ROAD BLOG from the “Timeless Tour”

The pop rock band, Once Upon A Time, is currently on the “Timeless Tour” with Hello Highway and Jocelyn. While they’re out on the road, they will be doing an exclusive blog for us. You can check out the band’s second update (with pictures), after the break.

“WHAT’S UP GUYS. It’s Jamie from Once Upon a Time.

Since Charlie last checked in, so much has happened, and things just keep getting better. As we’ve passed the midway point of our adventure and move into the twilight of our tour, it’s pretty amazing to step back and soak in just how surreal and incredible the past two weeks and two thousand miles have been.

After our stint of aforementioned East coast shows, we met up with our great friend Will Tenney of the band Call Me Anything. While we were hanging at his place, we spent the day recording a really sweet cover of a new song that we’ll be releasing in the very, very near future. Once we were done making harmonious magic with Will, we embarked on our most difficult drive of tour yet–no sleep from Connecticut to Chicago. We stocked up on energy drinks, did some calisthenics, and jumped in the van, ready to tackle a full night of highways. We drove through the night, and with minimal stops we made it to Chicago in record time.

We rolled into Chicago a little past 8 AM, totally tired, but totally ready to take on the day. Once in Chicago, we met/crashed at the house of our best friend (and publicist/babysitter/manager/etc) Danielle. Even though we were yet to sleep, we cleaned up and shot over to the incredible facilities of Fearless Radio. The folks at Fearless were insurmountably cool, hospitable and fun, and after answering a deluge of creative and insightful twitter questions from fans, we were able to play an acoustic rendition of our most recent single, “Nobody.” Following the radio performance, we played an in-house acoustic show for some great friends. Everyone was pretty beat, so we turned in early and slept more soundly than we ever thought possible.

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The next morning, we woke up early, ready to soak in our first real “off day” of tour. Our intrepid and awesome touring bassist Charlie got up before everyone else to go on a run, and then hosted a yoga session in Danielle’s backyard. Because if you don’t stay healthy on tour, you’re going to have a bad time. Danielle’s mom was kind enough to whip up a fortifying breakfast for us, so we gorged ourselves on real, quality food. Once we were sated, we decided to take full advantage of being in one of the country’s greatest cities. Chicago was nice enough to roll out its best weather, so with perfect temperatures and striking outfits, we parked the van and set off to explore the city. As a band, we’re always inclined to hit touristy spots, and Chicago was no exception. We ate a delicious lunch in chinatown before venturing over to Millennium park to check out the “bean.” Once we took all of the obligatory pictures, we ambled around the city, and then returned back to Danielle’s to play another acoustic set for her family. After we played, we had an impromptu bonfire party, making our off-day in Chicago was the perfect Midwestern experience.

On Thursday, we said goodbye to our safe sanctuary in Chicago as we set sail for Michigan. In Detroit, we played a private party for some amazing fans in a laser tag arena–seriously. It was the coolest thing ever. After playing a great acoustic set, we hit the laser battlefield, only to be decimated by the unparalleled skills of Connor and Charlie. When the smoke cleared from the front, we said goodbye to our amazing fans and jumped into Detroit traffic to make it an interview with the incredible kids over at Pupfresh. At Pupfresh, we played a really fun acoustic set, and then had an amazing interview, answering some of our 10 “favorite things.” We couldn’t have had a better time, and after the interview, Dan and Teri took us all out to eat at their favorite restaurant, and then in an ironic twist, we interviewed THEM. It was a great night, and to celebrate an overall fun day, we splurged on a hotel room.

Once we made it to Ohio, we find ourselves at one of the sweetest venues we’ve ever had the privilege of playing. The “Auricle” in Canton was massive and amenable, and before we even set up on stage, we knew we were destined for a great show. The show sold a record number of tickets for the tour, and during our set, I was absolutely humbled by how many people knew the words to our songs, and cared about our band, two timezones from home. We played one of the most fun sets of our career, and after we were done, we had the greatest time ever hanging out with fans, taking pictures, and telling sweet stories.

Hope this gives some insight into our crazy life! Check back next time for more stories about shenanigans on the road. Peace!”

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